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Aap Mujhe Achche Lagne Lage Movie Review

Aap Mujhe Achche Lagne Lage Movie Rating

Mohan Kumar's AAP MUJHE ACHCHE LAGNE LAGE, directed by Vikram Bhatt, is a keenly-awaited flick for three reasons �
One, this is Hrithik and Amisha's second film after KAHO NAA� PYAAR HAI.

Two, it has music by Rajesh Roshan � responsible for the melodious tunes in K.N.P.H.

Three, it's directed by Vikram Bhatt � the man behind GHULAM, KASOOR and RAAZ.

Obviously, the expectations from AAP MUJHE ACHCHE LAGNE LAGE are gargantuan. However, AAP MUJHE ACHCHE LAGNE LAGE lacks the punch associated with Bhatt's previous flicks.

The problem with the film is its script � it is as old as the hills. The subject of lovers facing opposition from the parents is not a new one. Several movies since time immemorial have dealt with that topic in some form or another, with mixed results.

A saga of the triumph of love and sacrifice, AAP MUJHE ACHCHE LAGNE LAGE tells the story of Sapna (Amisha Patel), who is caged in protective custody of her own father Dholakia (Kiran Kumar), an underworld kingpin, and steamy-headed brother Raman (Mukesh Tiwari), who have deployed armed escorts for her.

In effect, she is stifled in her movements until she encounters Rohit (Hrithik Roshan) during the nine days of Navratri and in these nine days, Sapna discovers life, which changes her entirely.

How Sapna and Rohit fall in love under adverse circumstances forms the nucleus of the story.

AAP MUJHE ACHCHE LAGNE LAGE is an apt case of an old wine in a new bottle. The story is ancient, but director Vikram Bhatt tries hard to make the film watchable by his slick and zippy treatment.

The film takes off pretty well. Hrithik's introduction (football match) and the scene with Amisha, when he saves her from the rival don's henchmen, are expertly executed.

But the pace drops alarmingly during the Navratri track. The story almost comes to a grinding halt and the time the hero and heroine actually take to say the three magical words � 'I Love You' � tests the patience of the viewer.

Like a roller coaster ride, the narration picks up again when Kiran Kumar announces Amisha's engagement with his friend's son. This incident occurs at the interval point and expectedly, one looks forward to a dramatic second half.

But the post-interval portions deviate to an altogether different track and let you down completely. Amisha's portions in the boy's hostel appear outlandish. In fact, one starts wondering as to what must've propelled Bhatt and his team of writers (Robin Bhatt, Sanjeev Duggal) to devote so much footage to such inconsequential stuff. Even the song ('We Wish You A Great Life') can easily be done away with.

The last half-an-hour is the best part of the flick. Although there's nothing new in the narrative, the stylish execution by Bhatt makes the goings-on palatable. Even Hrithik's look towards the last fifteen minutes holds tremendous appeal vis-?is from the masses point of view.

What could've turned out to be a mediocre fare is salvaged to an extent thanks to Vikram Bhatt's deft handling of the age-old formula. The execution of many a scene is stylish and a few dramatic scenes linger in your mind even after the show has ended, notable among them being the sequence when Kiran Kumar warns Hrithik to leave the city and forget all about his daughter.

Rajesh Roshan's music is no patch on his earlier scores. Yet, a couple of songs do stand out mainly due to their effervescent picturisation � the title track and 'Hawaon Ne Ye Kaha'. However, the choreography of the latter is simply brilliant.

Pravin Bhatt's cinematography is eye-catching. The stunts (Abbas Ali Moghul) are skilfully executed, especially towards the climax. Dialogues (Girish Dhamija) are okay. Special effects are tacky.

Hrithik Roshan gives it all to his performance and the sincerity shows. He uplifts the most ordinary sequence to a respectable level. Amisha Patel does well in a few scenes, but hams at times. Kiran Kumar is effective. Nishigandha, as Amisha's sister-in-law, excels. Mukesh Tiwari is theatrical.

On the whole, AAP MUJHE ACHCHE LAGNE LAGE is too mediocre a fare to enjoy a successful innings at the turnstiles. Also, the lack of hype and curiosity for the film will curtail its prospects.

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