0.5 Poor

Aap Mujhe Achche Lagne Lage

Aap mujhe achche lagne lage was a super flop in the box office all over the world. It tells the story of a boy meets girl, falls in love, but her family are not happy for some reason. At the end the boy gets beaten up by her family of goons, but suddenly does some exercise and beats up all 100 of the goons by himself. He saves the day and lives happily ever after. We have seen this kind of story in a million Bollywood films already. This is one of the worst versions of a off repeated script. Forget fairy tales, this is a rough scrap movie, with two popular actors casted to make money out of the audience. Do not spend money buying this movie is the advice i will give. Hritek Roshan delivers a disgraceful performance and is one of the most overrated actors in Bollywood (two or three good films). Amisha Patel is so sexy with a amazing figure, but even she couldn't save the movie from being the Worst film of the year. She gives an annoying performance as the scared girl that keeps heavy breathing all the time. It really got on my nerves. This is a complete nonsense movie, with some disgraceful action scenes coming from a good director.