5 Excellent

8×10 Tasveer

Hi Guys,

This is the first time I am reviewing a movie on this web-site & I felt I had to as I feel there seems to be some kind of vendetta against AKSHAY KUMAR!

I'm from the UK & I watched this movie last night & it is absolutely awesome. A very well made movie with a totally different storyline from any other movie I've watched, plus it shows Bollywood can think out of the box. The cinema halls was packed. It's a shame that hit/flop is determined by how much the movie costs & how much it makes, because if the movie costs extortionate amounts to make, no matter how many people watch it; it's going to be hard to make the money back.

I have no idea why this movie has been given a rating of 1.5 on this site. I really don't! I think review like this do justice to this movie & has a baring on how many people go & watch it.

I urge you all to go out & watch this movie & make your own judgement on whether it should be a hit or flop.