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5 Ghantey Mien 5 Crore Music Review



What are the expectations that one may really carry from a film that comes out of nowhere and has a title that goes as 5 Ghantey Mien 5 Crore? The last thing that you expect is for it to be a musical. Moreover, with a bunch of new composers like Tony Kakkar, Rustam Fateh Ali Khan, Leonard Victor, Sourish and Ali Mustafa, you have absolutely no inkling about what this rather loaded album (with as many as 9 songs) would end up throwing. Well, brace yourselves, as this one turns out to be one of the bigger surprises of the year. Give it a chance; it actually has quite a few good songs that manage to hold on to their own!


The album kick-starts with a beautiful melody that goes as 'Kya Wajah Thi Tere Jaane Ki'. Sung by Javed Ali who sounds as silky-n-smooth as his obvious inspiration Sonu Nigam, 'Kya Wajah Thi Tere Jaane Ki' is a well tuned and written number by Tony Kakkar which is soaked in Indian melody and makes you put the song in a repeat mode. With newcomer Bandana Sharma giving good company to Javed, this one arrests your attention at the very beginning, what with a lounge feel, mood and theme to it.

The song that follows next, 'Aaye Nahi Chain Kate Nahin' pretty much picks up from where the previous song ended and is an all around show by Rustam Fateh Ali Khan. Though looking at the credits one may expect a Sufi outing, this one actually is yet another ear pleasing fusion track that can be played in a loop and forgotten. With minimal instruments driving the show, Rustam Fateh Ali Khan does very well in letting the composition speak for itself while his voice does the rest. Yet another good number!

Just one when would have thought that the songs in 5 Ghantey Mien 5 Crore were turning out to be too good to be true, there comes another stunner of a song in the form of 'O Sone Ke Kangna'. With heartfelt lyrics by Faisal Saif getting good support in the voice of Shibani Kashyap, it is composer Leonard Victor who spins this beautiful three minute long tale that makes this unplugged track a very good hear. Later Leonard himself comes behind the mike for this song and does complete justice to this well tuned and worded number that deserves to be heard.

What can be skipped though is Leonard Victor's next composition 'Kamsin' which is a completely out of place item number in this album which was doing everything right till this point. Not just is the tune outdated, even lyrics by Dev Shri are passé. Manjira and Swati try their best to bring in some spunk to the proceedings but all one wants is to get back to the melodic outing that had been presented in the album so far.

Thankfully that happens in the form of 'Mashah Allah Kya Kehna' which has an old world charm to it. If you liked 'Jab Se Mere Dil Ko Uff' [Teri Meri Kahaani] then you would like 'Mashah Allah Kya Kehna' as well which has singer and composer Sourish doing good enough to bring back the Mohd. Rafi magic. Rest is taken care by Hari Shankar Sufi's lyrics which bring back the 60s flavour with a touch of Punjabi added as well.

Meanwhile Rustam Fateh Ali Khan returns and immediately makes one forget an aberration called 'Kamsin'. He makes good amends with 'Yadein Yadein' which could have easily got into the 'dard-e-judaai' zone if not for the way Rustam spins around the composition, lyrics and rendition. With Western arrangements aiding his composition, Rustam ensures that this fusion number makes its presence felt in the album.

By the time 'Kya Jadu Hai Yeh' one almost gives up on the sheer ignorance that the music company has shown towards this album which had the potential to really makes its presence felt in a big way. Leonard Victor is the man in question who makes one forget an aberration called 'Kamsin' and grabs your attention with this fusion love song that has another surprise in the form of Pravin Dabas whose name appears in the credits as a lyricist. Meanwhile Suzanne does well as a background vocalist and finds her right place in the song.

The album moves on unrelentingly though till the very end with yet another terrific song, 'Zindagi Kahun', bringing it to closure. Belonging to the soft rock zone, this Ali Mustafa composition reminds one of 'Le Ja Tu Mujhe' [F.A.L.T.U.] and still manages to create an identity of its own. In fact after hearing this Hasan Amin written and sung number, one ends up wondering that what has really stopped the makers from promoting this album that has abundance of songs that had it in them to cover a larger distance.


5 Ghantey Mien 5 Crore is a good soundtrack and one of the better albums to have been heard this year. However there is absolutely nothing known about it, thanks to those associated with it who have surprisingly let go off such ensemble of songs that deserved to be heard. One just hopes that if not as a Bollywood soundtrack, it manages to make its presence felt in a non-film avtar at the least. The album deserves a better rating but for the lack of interest amongst the makers as a result of which it fears getting lost in oblivion.


Kya Wajah Thi Tere Jaane Ki, Aaye Nahi Chain Kate Nahin, O Sone Ke Kangna, Kya Jadu Hai Yeh, Zindagi Kahun

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