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“My character in IHLS is like a cliched romantic heroine” – Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor“>

She is gorgeous, vivacious and super-talented. After impressing one and all with her performances in Saawariya and Delhi 6, the girl with the lovely smile Sonam Kapoor is back with her new release I Hate LUV Storys. Sonam was live on Bollywood Hungama’s video chat earlier this week to interact with her fans. For all those who missed this fun-filled chat session, here are the excerpts.

Sonam Kapoor: Hi this is Sonam Kapoor only on Bollywood

aliya shaikh : hi sonam
Sonam Kapoor: hi guys

mak khan : hii sonam… any plans to work with salman khan? love to see you with him
Sonam Kapoor : i would love to work with salman khan…he is so hot

mak khan : hii sonam… any plans to work with salman khan? love to see you with him
Sonam Kapoor : i would love to work with salman khan…he is so hot

Pritesh : Mam, First of all heartiest wishes for IHLS – u r juz amzng in promos!

Sonam Kapoor : Pritesh…thank you

ankur : u r very beautiful
Sonam Kapoor : thank you ankur

coolvijay : hello sonam vijay frm austria ,1stly thank yu fr taking time out for yur fans …
Sonam Kapoor : ur most welcome vijay

amitannu : Hey Sonam How is it working with Ranbir, Imran, Shahid And Abhay.. Whom do you find the best co-star?
Sonam Kapoor : all of them are amazing and young

yaser khan : hi princess sonam which world r u 4m so beautiful ok i know u hate flirty guys bt i cant flirt im 16
Sonam Kapoor : who says age is a factor yaser?

adeep k : which is your favourite holiday spot
Sonam Kapoor : fav holiday spot is Rome

adeep k : which is your favourite holiday spot
Sonam Kapoor : fav holiday spot is Rome

manu3 : is imran khan also a perfectionist like his mamu?
Sonam Kapoor : no

Cool Aisha : Hi Sonam, How r u ?I love your Fashion Sense. Can u suggest sum tips to look cool in the Rains?
Sonam Kapoor : watch Chaalbaaz and see what Sridevi is wearing in Na Jane Kahan Se Aayi Hai… a transparent raincoat

adeep k : ur favourite cusine?
Sonam Kapoor : Thai and Peshawari

adeep k : ur favourite cusine?
Sonam Kapoor : Thai and Peshawari

mak khan: i wish to see u when u come to london… hope this time i see u
Sonam Kapoor : i was in London…why didn’t you come???

priya64 : Hi Sonam? U looking awesome in the Aisha promo! N looking forward to seeing IHLS this weekend!
Sonam Kapoor : thank you thank you

Sonam Kapoor
madnz : did you go on the luge in queenstown?
Sonam Kapoor : yes i did and I beat all the boys

coolvijay : right frm sawaariya to ihls to aisha to mausam U think you are proving yur self ….?
Sonam Kapoor : i dunno…u tell me coolvijay

S@mx5757 : My question to Sonam: one quick n big reason y u said YES to IHLS???? X)
Sonam Kapoor : becos its a good script

FHNaseer : love your acting in delhi-6, u r a great actress,
Sonam Kapoor : thank you

ITALIA : What do you like about your character in IHLS?
Sonam Kapoor : Italia…the fact that my character’s name is Simran

ITALIA : What do you like about your character in IHLS?
Sonam Kapoor : Italia…the fact that my character’s name is Simran

AdoreSK : Hi Sonam, im from melbourne & cant wait to watch IHLS this weekend.all the very best xoxo
Sonam Kapoor : Adore..thank you …i want to come to Melbourne

ITALIA : Which is you favourite scene of IHLS?
Sonam Kapoor : Italia…the interval scene

ITALIA : What kind of actor is Imran? Instinctive or methodical and perfectionist?
Sonam Kapoor : a bit of all three Italia

Sum1special : AISHA Video promos r mind blowing ……….. u r gorgeous … eagerly waiting for that movie ….
Sonam Kapoor : thank you

Cool Aisha : We have heard a lot about your weight loss. Can u suggest sum Exercise tips that helped u tone down?
Sonam Kapoor : dancing

ITALIA: A Hindi version of Jane Austen’s masterpiece is quite a challenge. What kind of movie is Aisha?
Sonam Kapoor : if you see it you will know

aseem : My question is R we gonna see u in a different look afta Aisha???????
Sonam Kapoor : aseem…you will always see me in a diff diff looks cos I get bored easily

AdoreSK : i totally love ur sense of style & adore everything u wear, do u have a stylist or u do it urself 😀
Sonam Kapoor : i have lots of stylists and it takes a lot of effort for me to look good.

DKhan : Who is your favourite leading lady in the history of Hindi Cinema?
Sonam Kapoor : Nargis, nutan, waheeda rehman, Madhuri, sridevi, kajol and rani.

DKhan : I?m an Italian fan of Hindi cinema, have you ever been in my country?
Sonam Kapoor : i love Rome and Italian men

AdoreSK : any plans of coming to Australia??
Sonam Kapoor : aah,…yes i want to scuba dive

asimughal : whats so special abt ihls
Sonam Kapoor : its a simple love story and these days only hardcore stuff is coming so its going to be a relief

Sonam Kapoor
nishat : who is ur fav author?
Sonam Kapoor : nishat…i cant say one author…Bronte Sisters, Jane Austen, Chuck Palahniuk, Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

yaser khan : who is ur favourite khan other than imran?
Sonam Kapoor : salman, aamir , shahrukh, saif, fardeen, zayed and irffan

coolvijay : wht yu have to say abt mausam and thank you i think both have variations in terms of your role
Sonam Kapoor : absolutely and we shall talk about it later

nishat : sonam r u happy with the film?
Sonam Kapoor : yes nishat

Sumaita : r u coming to LA soon?
Sonam Kapoor : i want to sumaita

shamz : r u making a film with ur dad, Mr Anil Kapoor?
Sonam Kapoor : shamz…no

shamz : r u making a film with ur dad, Mr Anil Kapoor?
Sonam Kapoor : shamz…no

nishat : i am amazed by the sizzling chemistry between u and imran
Sonam Kapoor : me too nishat.

shamz : i hope ur film IHLS becomez a mega blockbuster
Sonam Kapoor : me too shamz

nishat : do u think that this movie will set a lucky pair between u and imran like shahrukh kajol or aamir ju
Sonam Kapoor : i hope so nishat

zoreen : hey sonam zoreen here m from pakistan! wanted to ask whats ur fav movie from this year leaving IHLS
Sonam Kapoor : zoreen….Aisha

jas83 : Who is ur fav actor or actress?
Sonam Kapoor : Meryll Streep and anil kapoor…easy

pooja27 : Other than Aisha and Masuam, have u signed any other movies?
Sonam Kapoor : yes besides these two there is Thank you too

Sonam Kapoor
coolvijay : i just wanna knw abt yur roles in aisha ,mausam and thank yu
Sonam Kapoor : aisha is Emma, Mausam is a love story and Thank you is a comedy

nishat : whats ur expectation from the film specially in box office?
Sonam Kapoor : i dunno…if i knew that i would be a box office analyst like Komal Nahta or Taran Adarsh

zoreen : wanted to ask whats ur fav movie all time?
Sonam Kapoor : i cant answer that there are toooooo many to list out here

Hileri: How was your Dubai experience? And are you tired due to the excessive travelling?
Sonam Kapoor : it was fabulous and yes i am tired

zoreen : would u like to work with srk?
Sonam Kapoor : yes

Nirajj : sonamji,i was lucky to get chance to travel with anil saab to bharatpur by for my plan charity bid. kindly convey my regards to anil saab,he may remember the bus journey in jan,08 to bharatpur.
Sonam Kapoor : nirajjj…i wish i had come to bharatpur too

Niraj : sonamji,doest IHLS have lip-sync songs? Do all songs appear in the film which is a rarity these days?
Sonam Kapoor : ya there is one Sadka

Nirajj : sonam ji,did karan ji visited sets of IHLS?was he creatively involved in he film?
Sonam Kapoor : Nirajjj…only one day he visited…he was just the producer

india : What is ur character like?
Sonam Kapoor : her name is Simran and she is like a cliched romantic heroine.

jas83 : what watch are u wearing now sonam
Sonam Kapoor : Cartier

Nirajj : Is IHLS-1)light hearted love story with not many problems or2)serious love story with serious problems
Sonam Kapoor : you should watch the film Niraj and then analyse and tell me

Faizan : Hello Sonamji, I am from Karachi, Pakistan eagerly waiting for your movie?
Sonam Kapoor : thank you faizan…i hope you go and watch it

zoreen : sonam there are many fans of ur in pakistan, any plans of visiting karachi?
Sonam Kapoor : yes i would love to buy clothes from pakistan

india : when will mausam release?
Sonam Kapoor : i dunno

Sonam Kapoor
coolvijay : secondly i wanna say have seen Saawariya in theater 30 times
Sonam Kapoor : wowwwwwww…youve seen it more than me

zoreen : whats ur fav SRK movie?
Sonam Kapoor : DDLJ

Hileri : What look do you prefer.. curly and wavy hair or straight flowy?
Sonam Kapoor : curly wavy hair

Sumaita : stayed up till 4 am in LA 2 chat
Sonam Kapoor : thank you Sumaita…

rockers14800 : i like ur smile very much n my eagerly waiting for ihls n u will enjoy huge success from it
Sonam Kapoor : thank you rockers

Kez786 : who is ur fav bollywood actor – past and present, apart from anil kapoor of course
Sonam Kapoor : Kez…Dilip Kumar and Imran Khan

omkar : r u doing any fim with Ajay Devgan
Sonam Kapoor : i want to …he is so sexy

Nirajj : it was shocking to see you find it difficult to differentiate Vinod/Rajesh Khanna on farhan akhtar‘s show
Sonam Kapoor : yeah becos both of them are equally good looking

Nirajj : sonam ji,were you a hindi film lover in childhood? which are your all-time favourite hindi films?
Sonam Kapoor : yes i was Nirajj

zoreen : hey i have seen ur bro!! hes really cool plz let him know that!
Sonam Kapoor : thank you zoreen…i think he already knows he is cool

Zainab : How did you manage to lose so much weight? Gym or Yoga?
Sonam Kapoor : Zainab…both

zoreen : whos ur fav hollywood star?
Sonam Kapoor: Leonardo Di Caprio

zoreen : whos ur fav hollywood star?
Sonam Kapoor : Leonardo Di Caprio

rockers14800 : hey sonam which romantic movie of ur dad u like most
Sonam Kapoor : woh saat din

Nirajj : sonam ji,did you watch Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi? What is your opinion about the film?
Sonam Kapoor: i watchd Rab Ne…Adi makes good films

ankur : sonam i want to mary a girl like u
Sonam Kapoor : why ankur???

priya64 : have u ever been to Thailand ? i m from bangkok.. whats ur fav thai food??
Sonam Kapoor : priya…Pad thai and sweet n sour fish, papaya salad

AdoreSK : please come to melbourne i would to meet you 😀
Sonam Kapoor : i want to

lalala : hi if i ask u out for date which drink would u like to have? tea, coffee, juice or lassi?
Sonam Kapoor : chaas

swati : sonam u look really nice with those cute spectacles in the promo of i hate luv stories
Sonam Kapoor : those are mine…ive changed them now

Sonam Kapoor
zoreen : who according to u is the strongest contender? Katrina or deepika?
Sonam Kapoor : of what zoreen?

hassaan khan : When is the music of aisha releasing?
Sonam Kapoor : 4th july

manan3230 : thanks a ton for an autograph on my helmet
Sonam Kapoor : ur most welcome manan

The_Boss : where are u right now?
Sonam Kapoor : chatting with you guys

Roopa : Hey Sonam! How was your experience of shooting for Mausam in Edinburgh? All the best! Xx
Sonam Kapoor : its very beautiful and reminded me of shooting in a Gothic film

jas83 : how do u keep ur hair sooo long and beautiful.. what shampoo do u use??
Sonam Kapoor: L’oreal

Nirajj : sonam ji, which are your all-time favourite filmmakers of hindi cinema?
Sonam Kapoor : bimal roy, guru dutt, vijay anand, satyajit ray, raj kapoor, yash chopra

zoreen: whos ur mentor?
Sonam Kapoor : Sanjay Leela Bhansali

manan3230 : u wer lookin awsum at radio mirchi office
Sonam Kapoor : thank you

nz guy : u guys went to taupo for bungy jumping rite
Sonam Kapoor : yes

shabneez : hi sonam u really look cute in IHLS !what are your hobbies?
Sonam Kapoor : reading and watching movies and eating

francesca : Hi Sonam! are you really working with Bobby Deol on “Thank you”? it would be great
Sonam Kapoor : yes francesca

Nirajj : sonam ji, which are your all-time favourite music directors of hindi cinema?
Sonam Kapoor : LP, RD, and AR

Harshvardhan : do u mind if people call u masakalli
Sonam Kapoor : no

Sonam Kapoor : bye guys lovely chatting with you …go watch IHLS

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