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Yaara O Dildaara Music Review



You do expect a fun score from Yaara O Dildaara, a Punjabi film. In any case market is showing vast improvement when it comes to Punjabi films, the most recent example being Jine Mera Dil Lutiya which has set new records up

North. Now with Yaara O Dildaara, one does look forward to composer Jaidev Kumar and lyricist Babu Singh Maan coming up with a foot tapping soundtrack all over again.


It's the call of let's-play-some-dhol all over again as Harbhajan Maan begins his rendition of 'Happy Hai Jee'. With guest lyricist Kumaar pitching in for this celebration number, you get to know how rest of the album would unfold.

An out and out celebration number which has the protagonist ensuring that there is fun and frolic all around him as he takes the centre stage, 'Happy Hai Jee' stays true to it's title of being a 'happy' number!

From this point on it is lyricist Babu Singh Maan that one hears for the five songs that follow. Yet another fun track which also has rap portions by John Reckless, 'Ok Bai Ji' is set in a hip-hop mode. Still Gursevak Maan ensures

that the sheer Punjabiyat of the song doesn't get diluted in the process even as Jaidev Kumar brings on the kind of sound that is more Western in appeal.

Harbhajan Maan, the lead protagonist of the film makes the album his own from this point as he gets behind mike for all four songs. The first to come is his solo, 'Haal Oye Rabba', which is about him spending sleep-less nights

after falling in love. Softer in note and easy on ears, this one is set in the 90s template but still works quite well due to sheer simplicity. You certainly want to play this one up again.

It's back to hitting the dance floors with Tulsi Kumar opening proceedings for 'Balle Balle Shawa Shawa' and later being joined by Harbhajan Maan. This one too turns out to be a good entertaining number and it is surprising that

this one didn't find place at the top of the album. Not just is it exciting to finally hear a female voice in the album, even an overall pace and mood of 'Balle Balle Shawa Shawa' is such that you know it would not just bring in good

momentum to the film's narrative, it would be visually appealing as well.

Title song 'Yaara O Dildaara' comes in pretty much later in the day. A Harbhajan Maan solo, this one is a sad track and is strictly situational. Not the kind that makes you all excited to check it out till its very end, it is followed by

a love song that has Sumitra Iyer joining Harbhajan Maan. Yet another track after 'Haal Oye Rabba' which is easy on ears, this one again has a 90s feel to it (with arrangements reminding one of the kind of score that Jatin-Lalit

excelled in) but you don't mind that since such sound can never go out of fashion.


Yaara O Dildaara delivers exactly what one expected from it. With a couple of dance numbers, a few love songs and a sad track to complete the album, this one is a package deal that should go well with the followers of music from

Punjabi films.


Balle Balle Shawa Shawa, Haal Oye Rabba, Happy Hai Jee

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