5 Excellent

What’s Your Raashee?

amazing movie..its one of the best movie along side dis year...im glad that i have beeen to theater to watch such a splendid movie..one thing its movie for ppl with brians though it is light hearted ...watch with family n friend film..but little brain is required coz all comedy n all wer too humorous when understood properly..n concept was was too good...really nic movie..n i have no word for priyanka's performence ..she has out performed everything...she cant be praised in word for this awesome performance..each girl so uniq n well potrayed..i can guess the effort she has put on each character..harman was really nic at his part..n was perfect at his part ..good act..talking about music ...it is the best music of dis year so refreshing n good..sohail sen has done a commendable job n is amongst the good one right from his first major project..ashu as a director has made a appealing film..people say that film is too long but its hardly long..to portray 12 diffrent raashee in 3:30 hour is tuff ..it would have taken more time ...all cirtic whos slammed the film suck(sry for using slang but dey do ) the dont make films so they can only say ...n talk all crap things..one should judje film by his own..ashu had done a great job at directors seat..good adaptaion..of a good novel by madhu rye...
over all : awesome
my review : GO FOR IT . DONT MISS coz u dont get 2nd chance