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Welcome Back

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Welcome back is a movie that takes you back to 2007. Hence, instead of calling this movie a sequel, this should be called a remake of original movie Welcome.

this movie must have been easy to make as the story was already available from the 2007 hit movie Welcome (only few changes made). This makes this movie very boring as people who have watched the original Welcome, will be watching it again with few new actors ("John-Shruti" replace "Akshay-Katrina" and "Naseeruddin" replaces "Feroz Khan")

Those who have not watched the previous version will like it because this movie delivers 50% of what Welcome delivered in 2007. The confusion created is good (though predictable) and there are few comedy one-liners that will....continue reading on HTTP://KalpeshPrajapati.com/2015/09/05/welcome-back-movie-review/