2.5 Good

Welcome Back

Sequel of Welcome, which was quite an enjoyable film. This films stars all the A-listers, which was the reason it got droves of people to watch it in the first place. Honestly, the film is a disappointed. With the likes of Nana Patekar and Paresh Rawal. Their presence makes it livelier but the weak story line seriously undermines the whole experience.

The film show casts Dubai shorelines, which look amazing on the big screen. However, the direction was choppy. One particular sequence was just down right stupid when skydivers are above Palm one moments and appear next to their target the next in the sandy dunes of remote UAE.

The A-listers are gold and their on-screen performance was what kept things going but the new cast, Shruti Hassan and Dimple's Daughter (in the film) did a pretty shoddy job.

Film to let go by in the cinema and probably catch up on a Saturday afternoon in front of Tele.