1.5 Average

Wake Up Sid

Perception goes wrong with Wake up Sid. The movie seemed to show a glimpse of college life, some hang-around scenes with friends, a touch of DCH and a screenplay that takes you to a ride at 120 Kmph. But all that glitter is not gold. The movie started well for first few minutes, creating an interesting platform about Sid's life where he is distracted from studies and attracted towards the fast food generation, with friends playing a much important role in his life than parents...but the simplicity of the story is not at all treated in a way to create a 2-2.5 hr show. Aayan Mukerjee was at his best in presenting a set of predictable scenes which were too short-lived that they could not hold attention of the audience. If it was a campus story then it didn’t had the reflection of friendship or even the 20% of Dil Chahta Hai, if it was a story of youth that is confused about its ambitions and lack of sense of responsibilities then it didn’t had the scenes and the dialogues to arouse the humour or emotional quotient similar to “Lakshya”, if it was a movie depicting transition of friendship into love then the screenplay failed in giving thrust to the feeling that one had in “Jane tu ya Jaane na” and the reasons were the obvious scenes and a stretched storyline which had nothing left to say after the first hour. Aayan can be a good director but needs to be crisp in the art of story telling. Ranbir is improving with every movie and will catch hold of directors like Imtiaz Ali and Tarun Mansukhani. Konkana is good but has a poor commercial value. Rahul Khanna is decent but has nothing much to call for a supporting actor role. A much better arrangement was expected from Shankar Ehsaan Loy after “Rock on” but they failed to touch the storyline except in couple of nos. like “Wake up Sid” and “Iktara”.

Overall the movie has nothing to catch upon big screen, no music, no entertainment, no humour and no star cast and thus can be kept on hold till one gets a pirated version.