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Uuf Kya Jaadoo Mohabbat Hai Movie Review

Uuf Kya Jaadoo Mohabbat Hai Movie Rating

Rajshri's UUF KYA JAADOO MOHABBAT HAI! is all about the magic of innocence togetherness first love

Pari [Pooja], the young and innocent daughter of diamond merchant Kumar Choudhary [Sachin Khedekar], has chosen to join the illustrious college where her deceased mother once studied. With dreams in her eyes, Pari sets off for Shimla, hoping to discover a new world.

Pari meets Yash [Sammir] and is smitten by his goodness, ambition and flair for dance and music. Yash performs at local events and also runs a small dance school for children.

Pari is mesmerized by Yash. She wants to be a part of his life and extends her hand of friendship. Though Yash dissuades her initially, he slowly gives in to her once he realizes how much she cares for him. Slowly, Yash finds himself getting drawn towards Pari. Together, they discover the magic of love.

Just when everything seemed to fall into place, Yash is falsely implicated and a serious allegation is levelled against him. Despite stiff opposition from her family, Pari stands by Yash in his hour of crisis. Her love stands the test of time. Her faith wins against all odds.

UUF KYA JAADOO MOHABBAT HAI?! is a story of unconditional love, unbound friendship and a promise - I will always be there for you?

UUF KYA JAADOO MOHABBAT HAI?! falls in the league of saccharine-sweet love stories. So, expect nothing different from this tale. But what about the treatment? Is it different? Not really!

In keeping the Rajshri tradition of targeting the family audiences, UUF KYA JAADOO MOHABBAT HAI?! is aimed at the families and also the youth. In fact, the film borrows from Yash Chopra, Karan Johar and Sooraj R. Barjatya movies largely.

UUF KYA JAADOO MOHABBAT HAI?! starts off well, holding the interest of the viewer in the initial reels. But the problem is that the film moves at a snail's pace in these portions. With songs appearing one after the other, the story unfolds in bits and spurts. The placement of the songs is what bothers the viewer no end.

After the initial 20-25 minutes, the film starts going the predictable way, leaving you with a feeling of d? vu. You expect things to improve in the second half, but the film follows the same trodden path yet again.

One expected the climax to be the redeeming factor, when Sammir gets falsely implicated. The director had ample scope to dramatize the finale, but the outcome is plain mediocre.

Director Manoj Bhatia seems inspired by yesteryear hits and it is evident in his choice of the subject. Though he has handled a few tender sequences well, the outcome is not as convincing as it should've been.

Sandesh Shandilya's music is a strong point, but the placement of songs is improper. In fact, the rapid flow of songs only dilutes the impact considerably. Yet, there's no denying that the title track as well as 'Shukriya' stay with you even after the show has concluded.

Cinematography is okay. Dialogues are functional, gelling well with the mood of the film.

UUF KYA JAADOO MOHABBAT HAI?! introduces two newcomers - Sammir and Pooja - in principal roles, besides other newcomers. Sammir has a strong personality and delivers an equally delightful performance. The lad is handsome, dances exceptionally well and handles the dramatic portions with gusto. In fact, he has all the trappings of a star if he goes about his career carefully.

Pooja Kanwal falls into the Bhagyashree mould and acts ably. However, she needs to brush up her acting skills as far as dramatic portions are concerned. Otherwise, a confident debut!

Mini makes her presence felt, while Aziz is loud. Sachin Khedekar, Daisy Irani, Mrinal Kulkarni, Tushar Dalvi and Master Yash Pathak lend adequate support.

On the whole, UUF KYA JAADOO MOHABBAT HAI?! has some appeal for the youth, who may take to it initially. But it just doesn't have the jaadoo to sustain in the wake of strong oppositions in the coming weeks.

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