2 Average


Director, writer, Mr. Anurag Kashyap have some different perception about the society which is its darker side, I rarely relate with this. Idea was nice that everyone has a darker side within but execution is Ugly. First scene in Police Station is lengthy and irritating rather than being interesting. Yeah, this type of conversation happens in real life but very few real lives have time limitations of 2 hours. So film characters could have been inspired from real life but have to be quick. Every character is confused. Their action does not support their behavior. Film maker is known for making movie in limited budget but now he prefer rain machine rather that shedding tears in close up and unnecessary arial shots, which is quite expensive too. When you see the climax then you feel confused that was this the idea behind making this film!? Film is thriller but still slow most of the time. Even most of the Crime Petrol episodes offer more grip and thrill than this flick. Performance wise all actors are just OK. Girish Kulkarni as Inspector Jadhav is fantastic. Nothing to say about music. End credit song is meaningful lyrically and musically too.