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Tujhe Meri Kasam Movie Review

Tujhe Meri Kasam Movie Rating

Ushakiron Movies' TUJHE MERI KASAM, directed by K. Vijaya Bhaskar, is a love story with several entertaining moments.

Rishi (Ritesh Deshmukh) and Anju (Genelia) are the best of friends. Both of them were born on the same day, grew up together, went to the same school and now study in the same college. However, this closeness is never expressed as love by either of them.

As time passes, Akash (Raja), a student in the same college, falls in love with Anju and coincidentally, both of them get selected to represent their college at a cultural festival in Bangalore.

The week-long separation makes Rishi realise that he is in love with Anju, but he is also scared that a wrong move might cost him his friendship. Meanwhile, Akash proposes to Anju in the intervening period and she accepts.

But Akash finds it difficult to accept Anju's friendship with Rishi. Caught in the midst of the two, Anju starts questioning her own feelings for Rishi.

She realizes her love for him when she is told that they would leave India soon after the wedding. Unable to bear the possible separation from Rishi, she decides to break her engagement.

But when she tells Rishi of her plans, the man she loves will have none of it. What happens next?

Remake of the Telugu blockbuster NUVVE KAVALI [Tarun-Richa Pallod], the story reminds you of the Hindi hit MUJHE KUCCH KEHNA HAI [Tusshar-Kareena Kapoor]. Primarily an uncomplicated love story, what sets it apart from those of its ilk is the way the director has treated the subject.

The director has balanced the two halves of the film with humour and emotions, respectively. While the first half focuses on light moments, shot in a college campus, the second half is where the actual drama takes place.

The sequences in the college, the songs, the humour, the family angle� everything in the first half is thoroughly enjoyable. What also elevates the proceedings is the way the story moves ahead. There's just no time to tax your brains or blink an eyelid.

The interval point is actually the decisive moment. Deftly executed, it puts a stop to the merry making, deviating to the serious side of their relationship.

But the film loses its grip to an extent in the post-interval portions. The story gets into the same mould that has been witnessed umpteen times earlier. To state that the drama is hardly exciting in this half would be apt.

Also, too many unwanted sequences come up at regular intervals. Like, the film could've easily done without the other girl's track (Girija), who loves the lead man but he doesn't reciprocate. Even the sequences involving the maid (Supriya) can easily be trimmed to make the proceedings more racy.

The film perks up again in the latter part, when Genelia comprehends Ritesh's true feelings. Thereafter, the narrative, right till the end, grabs your attention thanks to the gripping drama.

Director K. Vijaya Bhaskar has opted for a tried-and-tested theme and embellished it with several entertaining moments, without giving it a regional flavour/look. He is aided by a taut screenplay (first half) and excellent dialogue (Neeraj Vora).

Any love story stands on two foundations � music and lead players' performances. And in both the departments, the outcome is gratifying.

It's after a long time that you see Viju Shah in form. The music is ear-pleasing, with three lilting tunes � the title track, 'Azaadi Hain Humko Pyaari' and 'Chhoti Chhoti Khushiyaan Jo Milti Hain'. The background score is brilliant, elevating the proceedings to a great extent.

Both Ritesh Deshmukh and Genelia are welcome additions to the list of talented performers. Ritesh is camera friendly, dances well and delivers the right expressions. His expressions during the interval point and also towards the climax are noteworthy. The film can work as a showreel for him, for it brings his talent to the fore.
However, if he puts in a little extra effort on his dialogue delivery, he would prove to be even more effective. All said and done, a confident debut!

Genelia is a wonderful performer. She catches you unaware with a performance that's natural to the core. Raja is adequate. Amongst character artists, Shakti Kapoor and Anuradha Patel stand out.

On the whole, TUJHE MERI KASAM is a decent entertainer that should keep its target audience � the youth � satisfied.

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