3.5 Very Good

Teri Meri Kahaani



Thrice Upon A Love Story!!


Well Expectations were never very high after first theatrical but after the second theatrical and song promos interest started being developed.. And after KAMINEY Shahid Priyanka Jodi was being getting together again so there were some good expectations because of their on screen chemistry..


1960 Era : The movie started from 1960's era story. the story is very well told and acting and direction here is very nice.. The comic monents in this era are really funny and enjoyable. JAB SE MERE DIL KO UFF is awesomely picturised and beautifully sung according to the 60's era..

2012 Era : This Era is very well defined as the daily life relationships going on these days by the means of communications shown is totally truth.. and very well executed story but still it feels that something is missing. Both the songs are very well picturised . Especially the concept of That's All I Really Wana Do is superb.

1910 Era : Now this is the era which is most enjoyable and very well executed according to the era. The dialogues, the poetry , the acting is just too good.. and love angle is also very nicely shown.. ALLAH JAANE is used brilliantly while HUMSE PYAR KARLE is also nice..