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Tera Jadoo Chal Gayaa Movie Review

Tera Jadoo Chal Gayaa Movie Rating

Puja Films' TERA JADOO CHAL GAYAA is a love triangle. Pooja (Kirti Reddy) keeps dreaming and turns up late for work everyday. This bright girl is an assistant director in 'No. 1 Advertising Agency' and is talented enough to make all her dreams come true. Her boss, Mr. Oberoi (Kader Khan), usually excuses her late coming.

A friend's wedding takes her to Agra where she meets Kabir (Abhishek Bachchan), a local videographer. Kabir is a charming guy and the whole city simply adores him. Totally bewitched by the stunning and sophisticated Pooja, Kabir keeps clicking her pictures. In the midst of the wedding festivities, Pooja too unwittingly encourages him and Kabir is convinced that she's in love with him.

By the time he musters up courage to propose to her, Pooja, having prolonged her stay, leaves Agra in a hurry. Kabir is heartbroken.

When Pooja resumes work, she discovers she's in big trouble. This time her boss, Mr. Oberoi, has had enough. He's ready to fire her. Just in time, her friend, Maggi (Johny Lever), picks up a photograph where Kabir and she are posing romantically and tells the boss that this time Pooja had a genuine excuse for coming late -- she's got engaged in Agra. Pooja is horrified at the lie, but the boss calms down and forgives her immediately. Her job is saved.

And then Pooja meets the man of her dreams, Raj (Sanjay Suri), the boss' handsome son, and falls in love. Finally, everything seems to be going her way but there's one big problem... everybody in her office, including Raj and his father, believe she's engaged to be married soon. Pooja and Maggi hatch another plot. They make up a story that Pooja's fianc?has turned out to be such a rotten scoundrel that she's been forced to break off her engagement. Pooja is delighted that she's finally free.

Little does she know that a determined Kabir has left Agra and is on his way to meet the woman of his dreams -- Pooja.

TERA JADOO CHAL GAYAA is more of a showreel to showcase the talent of Abhishek Bachchan. The young actor has been provided with situations to display histrionics, for him to emerge victorious as a full-fledged commercial hero.

But more than glorifying Abhishek Bachchan's prowess as an actor, debut-making director A. Muthu and his team of writers should've concentrated more on the screenplay of the film. Although the marriage portions in the first half remind you of HUM AAPKE HAIN KOUN, the goings-on are enjoyable and the pace is fast, sowing the seeds for an interesting second half.

But the post-interval portions don't meet the expectations absolutely. A simple plot has been stretched to such an extent that the film loses its balance and falls prey to mediocrity. The screenplay gets predictable and the story diversifies to an altogether new track, that of the hero becoming a singing-sensation overnight, which was just not required.

The climax is also a letdown; the desired impact that should've been there, is missing. For any love story to succeed, it is of vital importance that the emotional moments strike a chord, but in this case, the emotions appear superficial. Even the ending, when the lovers unite, is least exciting.

As a director, A. Muthu's work is mediocre. He has relied too heavily on the tried-and-tested formula to convey the story, which is where he falters. There was ample scope for novelty, but he is letdown by a wafer-thin plot.

Ismail Darbar's music is just about okay. The film has a mix of good and average numbers, but those that stand out are the title track and 'Aapka Aana Qayamat'. Cinematography is eye-catching. The locales of Paris are a visual treat. Dialogues are ordinary.

Abhishek Bachchan gets ample scope to display his potential as an actor and he takes full advantage of the opportunity. Though one is reminded of his super-star father at several places, the youngster must be credited for coming up with a performance that is better than his debut-making film. He is much more relaxed this time and camera friendly too.

Kirti Reddy looks like a doll, but needs a crash course in acting. She is more of a clotheshorse, displaying no talent whatsoever. Sanjay Suri has a brief role and he makes his presence felt. Paresh Rawal is superb yet again. The hoipolloi as well as classes will love the actor. Himani Shivpuri is equally nice. Kader Khan and Johny Lever are, like always, dependable.

On the whole, TERA JADOO CHAL GAYAA has precious little to offer in terms of content and novelty. Despite a good opening, the film will slide downwards once the initial euphoria subsides.

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