4.5 Excellent

Tanu Weds Manu Returns

I had watched the prequel and loved it. It was a perfect film and a breath of fresh air in the turgid environment of Bollywood. So when the sequel came, we booked our tickets a week in advance and waited eagerly for the feast we were sure of.

If you are not seeking hundred percent verisimilitude the film meets all your expectations. We were in a late late night show (in a foreign country) and the theatre was full. People were clapping, hooting with laughter and enjoyment and were thoroughly engaged with the film.

The film is about what happens to Tanu and Manu four years down the line. In that, it's quite predictable. Disappointment, resentment, regret, a desire to turn the clock back -all these describe the madcap Tanu (Kangana)who makes her way home after getting her husband, Manu,thrown into a mental asylum for being boring and callous like most husbands.What follows is a mad trajectory of passive marital rage interspersed with a clever balance of realism, comedy and pathos. This is done so well and so effortlessly that you are carried along, now laughing, now upset, now understanding, now sad, now nodding your head in recognition at some situation or dialogue.

Without giving away the story, suffice it to say that Aanand Rai has proved that the public is ready to accept an indie film provided it's honest, original and clean. Here, Kangana steers the film and the rest of the cast perform seamlessly. Madhavan plays second fiddle to Kangana but with perfect élan. Deepak (Pappi) is our new Johnny Walker, fresh, natural and without the contortions of our so called stand ups. I love Jimmy Shergill and feel sad that he is visible only in glimpses.

Yes, Banno, your swagger is immensely sexy, attractive, rib tickling and I am rooting for ya. You go, gal!