4 Very Good


"Tamasha" a Imtiaz Ali's directorial.Everyone had great expectations from the film as it is directed by Ali and most importantly there were expectations from Ranbir as his career has hit a all time low. Tamasha is totally a out of the box love story.It's not a regular clichéd' story.It's has a unique story telling and a very different approach due to which it may seem difficult to go with the masses.Ali has a unique capability of picking up things in a very different way and He did it this time too. Ranbir as Ved, a bipolar (Manic Depressed) which is total new and refreshing topic (for a bollywood film) gave on, one his career's best performance. He proved his caliber and showed what he's capable of as an Actor. He pulled off Ved beautifully. On the other hand Deepika too, did an excellent job. She too, pulled off her part very well. But her on screen time was very less as compared to Ranbir. The locations are very pleasing as they usually are in a Ali's directorial. The cinematography and direction is very good. And the music by A.R Rahman is mesmerizing. What more, Can we expect from him?. "Safarnama" by lucky ali and "Tum Saath Ho" by Arijit