3 Good


TAMASHA – It's a traditional form of theatre, an art of storytelling with singing and dancing, performed by travelling theatre groups. The movie is exactly that – A STORY, so different that there will be very few rooting for it. If you're expecting a Jab We Met Part II, don't even bother buying tickets for this one. If you loved Highway and the writer director who makes you think, go for it – Imtiaz Ali is real good. It's a simple story of boy meets girl with a twist and such a believable take on life in general, life as most of us know and lead. Ranbir Kapoor as Ved is unbelievably seasoned. Am not a very big fan of Rockstar but here he is in so many shades that you see what genes can do to a man!! (Ok Abhishek Bachchan is yet to get there.) Deepika Padukone has been in another league altogether since Piku.There was a time when you saw the intensity portrayed by actors like Shabana Azmi or Naseeruddin Shah and you thought who'll equal them ever? There is a scene in a Delhi Café' where the lead pair almost match them! Shot in Corsica, Kolkata, Delhi, Tokyo the cities are characters in the film. The opening sequence is 17 min long, if you survive that you'll not even want popcorn in the rest of the movie. There will come a juncture where you want to shout out 'Wake up man', not to Ved but to your own self. There are shades of Last Tango in Paris, 3 Idiots, Rocket Singh Salesman of The Year and few others but it'll be an insult to say this movie was 'inspired'. Piyush Mishra talks in poetry and is top notch as the story teller. Vivek Mushran is so into the character that you forget the sweet innocent lad of Saudagar. Aki Narula does a good job dress designing and AR Rahman's music adds to the chutzpah. Go watch it but you're likely to be labelled highbrow.