5 Excellent


Swades is a movie which puts light on the social problems faced in India and definitely makes one to ponder about them. Though the on goings gets repetitive at places, it is a movie which has its heart at the right place.
In a nutshell, Swades is about a young scientist, Mohan Bhargava (Played superbly by Shahrukh Khan), who works at NASA. He visits India in order to take his childhood nanny, Kaveri Amma (Played by adorable Kishori Ballal) along with him to the US and in doing so; he eventually finds his true roots in the so called "Swades" (Homeland).
In the film, we see the India through the eyes of our protagonist and learn about the characters and problems faced by the people like illiteracy, poverty, casteism, power shortage to name a few. The film begs one to take stand and face the problems instead of brooding over them.
All the characters in the film are lovable. There are many heart touching scenes in the film, like the one in which Mohan meets Haridas, the weaver or the one where a boy sells a glass of water for 25 paise at the railway station. The best scene in the film is the one where Mohan speaks about India on the occasion of Dasara, truly an eye opener. The dialogues by K.P. Saxena are fabulous. The performance from the entire cast was outstanding. Shahrukh Khan's potrayal of Mohan Bhargava can be said to be his best performance till date. Kishori Ballal is lovable as Kaveri Amma; Gayatri Joshi makes a decent debut. Dayashankar Pandey, Rajesh Vivek, Lekh Tandon all chip in with good performances. The background score and music by A.R.Rahman was superb, lyrics by Javed Akthar are good. The restrained cinematography by Mahesh Aney works well. The director, Ashutosh Gowariker handles the story well and succeeds in bringing out outstanding performances from all the actors in the film.
Swades is thought provoking and is a movie for all the people of India.