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Suno Na… Ek Nanhi Aawaz Music Review



Absolutely Zero! That's what the expectations are from the music of Suno Naa, a film that has arrived out of nowhere. First and foremost the film's subject is hardly exciting enough to warrant a popular score. Secondly, there is no buzz around the film. And thirdly, there is no amount of interest amongst the 'aam junta' to even worry or care about what the music has in the offering.


Sanjoy Chowdhury composes the music of Suno Naa that has lyrics by Yogesh. Album's opening itself is dull (as expected), what with Antra Chowdhury and Aprurva singing for a mother and kid respectively in 'Meri Amma Suno Mera Kehna' while reprising a back-to-70s feel. The song is straight out of Doordarshan's 'Sugam Sangeet' while the dull pace hardly justifies itself as a melodic outing. The song tries to build on a conversation but does nothing to prevent itself from being fast forwarded.

Immediately after the 'amma-baby' saga comes 'Girls Rock The World' which completely twists the proceedings of Suno Naa. Not that it is any more impressive even as Sanjoy Chowdhury tries to fuse folk with club music and gets Rekha Rao to sing for this song which has guest lyricist Roop-Mati writing the lyrics. At maximum, the song turns out to be one of those ordinary music video kinds of tracks that don't really make you look forward to that repeat button on your remote!

The longest track in the album comes next in the form of 'Deewana Ab Dil Na Maane' which actually is the best that Suno Naa had to anyways offer. This Shaan sung track reminds of Udit Narayan sung 'Deewana Main Chala' [Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya] and is not a bad hear at all even though it does bring a strong sense of deja vu with it. A melodic outing where both Sanjoy Chowdhury and lyricist Yogesh keep it simple, 'Deewana' is a harmless number and at least can be given a hearing till it's end.

After the longest track comes the shortest track of Suno Naa - 'Pal Aaya Suhana'. At most an advertisement jingle where one suspects that a slogan around an Insurance scheme or a Mobile offer would come any second, 'Pal Aaya Suhana' is a duet by Kunal Ganjawala and Richa Sharma which is yet another extremely ordinary number that could well have been composed over a dinner outing.

Antra Chowdhury, who was heard at the very beginning of the album in 'Meri Amma Suno Mera Kehna', is heard again in 'Zindagi Uljhano Se Bhari' that has to be one of the most depressing numbers heard in the first half of the year. A number about 'apne' turning into 'paraaye', this track is a quick skip lest it ends up depressing you in a big way at the end of its 5 odd minutes play.

The album surprisingly ends suddenly on a classical note with Shubha Rege singing 'Ja Bairi Ja Badra', a 'raaga' based track that is made of traditional lyrics. It may have been some value added to the film's narrative, if at all, but as an audio it only succeeds in ensuring that a listener quietly brings the CD out of the music system and packs it away in cold storage never to bring it out again.


Nothing. Just nothing really works in the album at all, except for perhaps 'Deewana' if one is really hunting for some redemption.



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