0.5 Poor

There's clichéd and banal. Then there's mindless. Some 20 rungs further down, there's this movie - son of sardar.

Try as I might, I can't find 1 good thing about this movie. Not one. Movies like this and Tees Maar Khan are made with the sole intention of cheating the public.

The songs are pure and sheer torture. The action is just so, so bad. At one point, a person rides 200 metres on a motorcycle in a straight line, when the motorcycle is upside down, taking time out to laugh at a line, that's repeated at least 20 times in the movie, without rhyme, reason or timing - "Kadi has bhi liya karo ji". How is this line funny in any god damn way ?

I don't know what santa banta jokes are being talked about, there's not a single santa banta joke in the movie. The lame shaayari ( urdu couplets ) looks like something they rejected/edited out of the movie one-two-three.

If you were to put a gun to my head, I'd say the ONE 'ok' thing about the movie is Sonakshi Sinha. Despite her rapidly burgeoning forehead, she has a buxom woman appeal to her, something that is baffling because she's neither very beautiful, nor a very good actress. However, she manages to deliver an average performance in a very very below average movie.

Please, please give this one a miss. This is SO not worth your time or money, and it is very rarely I say this about a movie ( the only other movie I say this about it Tees Maar Khan ). Imagine two levels below Tees Maar Khan.

Awful, just awful.