4 Very Good


a full on masala entertainer.an hardcore film made only for masses.if you need a pure entertainment with right amount of action,comedy,romance,drama you have to watch SINGHAM.Rohit Shetty is back with a bang as an action director.as all of us know he is good at comedy now we see his other side of direction and he has done a fabulous job as a director.some scenes were directed so well that i got goose bums while watching them.Ajay Devgn was as usual very good.he has now proved himself as a versatile actor.Kajal Agarwal has less to do in this film but even she has done a good job.rest all the actors have also performed very well.music is just outstanding.Ajay-Atul their first hindi film as music directors.the have given excellent music.rest all was just perfect in the film.initially the film was bit boring but overall its an awesome movie.go for it.this one highly recommended.