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Silence Please – The Dressing Room Movie Review

Silence Please – The Dressing Room Movie Rating

Sometimes good ideas don't translate into good movies. SILENCE PLEASE... THE DRESSING ROOM fits this statement to the T.

A goodwill cricket match has been organized between India and Pakistan in Srinagar. However, a terrorist organization issues a threat to blow up the stadium if the match takes place.

But once the countdown begins for the keenly anticipated match, cracks begin to develop within the Indian cricket team. A few cricketers suspect the captain [Salil Ankola] of indulging in match fixing.

Even the new entrant, Siddharth [Alekh Sangal], starts believing that the coach [Tom Alter] and the captain are hand-in-glove.

The goodwill match does take place. How the cops nab the terrorists while the match is in progress forms the climax of the film.

SILENCE PLEASE... THE DRESSING ROOM depicts a One Day International cricket match between India and Pakistan. Coming at the right time [the Indo-Pak cricket matches are currently being played on Pakistani soil], the film could've successfully depicted the 'games' within the game, played in the dressing room.

Unfortunately, SILENCE PLEASE... THE DRESSING ROOM suffers on various levels -

  • One, the making of the film is an absolute compromise. Be it the stadium or the dressing room and even the commentators' box, it does not give an impression that the match is being played between India and Pakistan, but between two buildings or between two college teams. So weak are the sets!

  • Though the goings-on have their share of exciting moments, the narrative takes a beating because too many songs have been inserted even while the match is being played. This clearly is the other drawback.

  • The finale of the film had to be captivating since the film runs on two tracks simultaneously [cricket and terrorism], but the end is an absolute letdown. The moment Salil Ankola [the captain of the Indian team] hits a boundary on the last ball of the match, the frame freezes and starts looking at various characters that were seen in the film. The end not only looks haphazard, but also proves to be an anti-climax.

  • The title of the film is another hitch. It has no relevance with the story of the film. Even if it does, it just doesn't register.

  • Director Sanjay Srinivas has handled a few sequences well, but he seems confused whether to make a film on cricket or make a typical masala film that not only focuses on cricket, but also terrorism, songs, light moments et al. In fact, even the terrorism angle in the film looks childish.

    Jawahar Wattal's music is a drawback, partly because the songs show up at all the wrong places. In fact, it would've been a better idea to make a songless film. Cinematography [Sejal Shah] is inconsistent. The background score is effective.

    Talking of on-screen performances, Salil Ankola does reasonably well. Tom Alter is efficient. Sonali Kulkarni is wasted in an insignificant role. Arif Zakaria is alright. Newcomer Alekh Sangal gets ample scope and he does quite well.

    On the whole, SILENCE PLEASE... THE DRESSING ROOM is a good idea gone awry. At the box-office, it simply stands no chance.

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