2.5 Good

The message that was intended to come across presumably did. The movie has wonderful, strong and catchy dialogues. The story line would keep you guessing till the last twenty mins. The Characters of the movie, each one of them have layers like real people and the quality of acting was simply superb. Though in my view Akshay Khanna was head and shoulders above the rest, but Richa Chadda, Meera Chopra, Rahul Bhat, Sandhya Mridul all of them did a mind blowing job. However, I feel a lot more research should have gone into the minute details of the courtroom procedures which unfortunately were overlooked and on the face of it those scenes were shoddy. A bit more research on that aspect would have made the film a TENNER!! in my personal opinion. The movie would leave the audience with an after taste and that would be the FOOD FOR THOUGHT!! since it is here that the audience could draw their individual conclusions. To sum it up it is a wonderful movie and could be categorized as a must watch and should do well at the Box Office.