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Satya: Puneet Singh Ratn Nothing about him is what one would expect from a conventional don, neither his age nor his built. But there is something about his eyes and the way he looks at people. His stare can spread more fear than a hard core act of violence. A

Satya: Puneet Singh Ratn

Nothing about him is what one would expect from a conventional don, neither his age nor his built. But there is something about his eyes and the way he looks at people. His stare can spread more fear than a hard core act of violence. A man of minimal words, and a million mind-games, Satya is as much a part of the crowd as he is the commander of it, as mysterious as he's out in the open. The only known truth about him is that nobody knows anything about him.

Chitra : Anaika Soti

Satya's love interest is a pretty 19 year old girl. There is a naivety about Chitra that adds to her beauty. She wears saris, but looks like a child. Tries to appear as if she could handle everything, her vulnerability shows in her eyes. Yet, there is an inherent impulsive strength to endure. A nascent wisdom about her love, almost an intuition for an impending danger, and still the faith that truth shall triumph, Chitra is as much a woman as a little girl, as pragmatic, emotional and as much in the dark about Satya's true nature as everyone else.

Lahoti : Mahesh Thakur

In his late forties and very regal-looking with his designer shades and dapper cigars, Lahoti could pass off for a 70's film star. An eye for the ladies, and also a nose to smell out other rascals just like him, Lahoti is the one who discovers Satya. And in a way unleashes his reign. A man with more enemies than friends and more a father-like figure to Satya than even a friend, Lahoti's role in Satya's life is indispensable.

Naara: Amitriyaan

Pleasantly and extremely gregarious, Naara has an electric sense of humour. He is a film-buff and a food-lover. He's not very rich, but lives like a king and makes even his loved ones feel like that. Pretty much like the city of Mumbai itself, generous, high-spirited and a friend for life, Naara is Satya's closest confidante, his soul mate, so much so that blood is bound to appear if someone tries to rip the two apart.

Special: Aradhna Gupta

Quite like her name, there is nothing usual about this early twenties middle-class struggling actress. She's more sultry than pretty, more passionate than romantic, and way smarter than most size-zero fair-skinned beauties would be. Special does not take anything at face value, believes there is a reason why things happen. A stark contrast to her best friend Chitra and quite unlike the happy-go-lucky boyfriend Naara, Special knows the world is nothing like the films she wants to be a part of. She cannot be taken for a ride and that's possibly why she and Satya can never be good friends.

RK: Raj Premi

For all the reputation he has, RK lacks Lahoti's polish and class. But, he has his own way of commanding attention. Having been an old-time gangster himself, he still believes in the power of threat, as also in his clout both of which are a tad defunct now. Satya gradually tries to reinvent his outfit by the element of anonymity. RK has no idea that the revival of his gang was, in effect, the beginning of Satya's new Company.

TK: Amal Sehrawat

He has the same impulsive, old-world aggression as his father RK. TK has a huge ego and it shows in his eyes every time it's injured. Jealousy, wrath and hatred are some of the most frequent emotions on his face and finds their way into his every statement, every word, so that he tends to be a little stupid, ends up talking more than needed due to his petty insecurities. Absolutely miffed by his father's new projects, and extremely envious of Satya, he unknowingly heralds the cradle of Satya's master game plan.

Purshottam: Kaushal Kapoor

A retired joint commissioner of crime is brought back into the force on special duty to tackle the new company. He walks with a slight limp because of his bad back. But his good head more than makes up for it. He's restless, constantly deducing something or the other, quick to analyze and very difficult to be made a fool of, perpetually trying to outdo Satya's next move, Purshottam thinks quite like his enemy, out of the box, dangerous, and is very very difficult to decode. There could not have been a more befitting opponent for Satya.

Anna: Vikram Singh

A medium height man in his early forties . He is quite unlike what one would expect of a man with this kind of a name. He is menacing, which is exactly how he operates too, very suddenly, with no warning and therefore way more ruthless than anyone. Something about his manner is like a dog. His eyes and ears follow only Satya and he watches and hears only what he is told to. Loyalty is his biggest virtue or at least many think so.

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