2 Average



As most people would, we all entered the cinema-hall with great expectations from Nikhil Advani who has 'Kal Ho Na Ho' under his belt. Riding on his past success, he manages to pull together a massive star cast(that indeed are very talented) but somehow he still does not manage to leave a mark.

The plusses are that there are moments where Nikhil's directional work is fabulous. Vidya's breakdown at Akshaye's house is phenomenal and has the ability to make you shed a tear!
The Anil-Juhil-Anjana track can make you relate to someone you know quite easily and is a great idea.
The music is also really good.
Govinda did what he does best and entertains at times. Shanon was a bit of surprise package and acted quite decently!

The minuses are that
Priyanka and Salman are quite disappointing. Salman dresses well but thats about it. His performance is very average. Priyanka has her moments of brilliance but sometimes she just makes you cringe.
Sohail n Isha, although a good idea doesnt really manage to make you laugh and the director doesnt manage to make you laugh.
Akshaye n Ayesha were good at what they did but it seemed to be dragging on after a point and was quite tiresome.

The script writing, screenplay and editing was way below par.

At times you feel, that Nikhil Advani's Kal Ho Na Ho was amazing because it had an amazing script, dialogues, screenplay and dialogues none other than the genius-> KJo(Karan Johar)

Salam-e-Ishq olny goes wrong where Karan wasnt involved!!! Think about it..

Nikhil can cook a meal with a recipe but is not a chef!!

A wonderful seperate movie could be made on John Vidya..
Pyar ke Side effects already exists for Akshaye-Isha story..
Anil-Juhi-Anjana has the equivalent of KANK

However, the movie is not bad.. But its not amazing in any sense.. Far below expectations.. and is "VERY OKAY"