5 Excellent


This movie is absolutely beautiful. dont know why so many people write off this movie.
i went to the cinema with mixed feelings tonight after reading a few reviews this noon.
but it is not boring or too long.
actually u dont realize that its so long, since u keep on being interested about the going ons.
the best thing about the movie is Govinda.
it is so nice to see him acting well after the Bhagam Bhag sidekick.here he is his old self.
Anil Kapoor also acts well.
So does Vidya Balan.
Salman sleepwalks through his part.
The best story is the one with John Abraham, but i wish he could act better.
Akshaye Khanna is so so.
Background score is pretty good.
But the songs lack this blockbuster tag.
all in all, great movie.