4.5 Excellent

Rowdy Rathore

All of us believe that DABBANG was the one and only to attain good and positive reviews at box office and was super hit and only this could be the film which they wanted and the next they were waiting for DABBANG 2 but ROWDY RATHORE has broke the expectations now it is not DABBANG 2 but it is ROWDY RATHORE.
In the past few years Akshay Kumar was the most low graded actor in Bollywood
but after HOUSEFULL 2 he became the Super Star again. ROWDY RATHORE will keep the record. The film is very nice. The nice thing about it is that it is not a one time watch like AGENT VINOD but you can watch it every time. Personally I liked this film more than DABBANG and the character of Akshay Kumar in the second half is very nice. To me the film is very nice and I enjoyed it a lot. I hope it does good on box office.