5 Excellent


firstly mr. joginder, stop reviewing music. cant understand why u gave rockstar just 3.5/5?
is it something against the makers or the actor or anyone in d movie.
now lets come to point- rockstar is by far the best soundtrack of the year. it's divine, soulful, melodious, peppy and head banging.
the songs are very different from each other. believe me mohit chauhan will become a huge star after the movie releases. rehman sir has once again outdone himself. respect!
the rocking, head banging SADDA HAQ is definitely the new anthem of the nation.
TUM HO is one of the best romantic song song to have come out. it's so different.
all songs will make u want 2 play again and again.
so go grab ur cd from the nearest store, and pls dont download it.
i bet u'll do urself a favor by listening to rockstar's songs.