5 Excellent

I was not so sure what to expect when I went to watch the movie Rock On. First of all the name was not convincing in my opinion but was I wrong? Rock on completly "ROCKS" it was an amazing experience when I got to see first rock music movie in Bollywood. I watched a lot of Hollywood rock flicks. This movie had its Indian imotional touch but it was great. I like to thank abhishek Kapoor and Farhan Akhtar for making the movie. It is not easy to portray something that people are not used to watch, you do not know how people will react. I am glad you guys are brave to try it. Thank you
It is story of real friendship and how it could last when you believe. The movie was directed amazingly and acted superbly. I personally want to say sorry to Arjun Rampal (i used to consider him as one of the worst actor), Sir, you were great. I guess you just never got the right role. Farhan bro, wow, you are sheer genius, not only you make great movies but also act very good. I hope to see you more and more. all the other actors are amazing too