3.5 Very Good


nice start for himesh this year.i'm sure he will rock this year as always.the album begins with ''Aafreen'',it's very nice song,you know himesh always start his albums with a hit song !! , aftar Aafreen once again himesh with''Aamin''this song remember me of himesh''Allah Kare'' it's very nice song !!,aftar two fast songs comes himesh'favourite Jayesh with Ek Tum Hi it's very good song,i like jayesh's perfomence on it, and i like the part in the first half when himesh sing Loneliness and the second half when himesh also sing Aafreen, it's great to mix 3 song in one song ! aftar jayesh comes himesh with the sad track ''Dil Ne Ye Na Jaana'' what a song !!,it's very classic !!,himesh change his style with this song, he always sing a rock songs but he is really great in this one !!, aftar the sad track comes the dance number '' Loneliness Is Killing'' i like this song, specially the music,the album is first class and i want all those who didn't like himesh to listen to the sad song ''dil ne ye na jaan'' to know what himesh is all about !!