5 Excellent


One word, the music is mothaFkn masterpiece. The songs are wonderful. Define such an onomatopoeic effort. Even the logger heads would break the ice between em if once they offer Rehman's music to each other. I went through all user reviews and m shocked to find, some people not liking the music, that is preposterous. God bless em. But the music is so divine, its like god has composed the songs. Completely addicted to it, and i mean 24*7 addiction. Behene De is my favourite track among all memorable tracks, and I'm tellin this one will go down as classic and just hit the world like that for decades. In short - Do you believe in God? answer is- God is still between us performing, changing structure of music, achieving the impossible, showering tunes of wisdom, CREATING LIVES.. THERE IS REHMAN