4.5 Excellent


2010 has not been much wealthy as far as music albums are concerned which, as a whole can become treasures to keep. Yes, we've had decent albums such as Veer, MNIK, Ishqiya and Kites, but these albums had their partial moments in shape of one or two great melodies, but couldn't be called a landmark in any terms. To rescue 2010 out of this depreviated musical state, comes the one and only A.R.Rehman ... and man! does he give us a gem to carry ahead with us. After an over-rated Delhi-6 and a disappointing Blue, he is back in his element with Raavan.

Raavan gives us the A.R.Rehman of "dil se", "Roja" and "Taal". An album which i can confidently rank as top 5 albums ever by Rehman, with Roja, Dil Se, Taal and Meenaxi - tale of two cities being the other 4.

I'll list down the tracks in the order i like them.

1. "Ranjha Ranjha": This track is to Raavan, what "Aye Ajnabi" was for Dil Se; what "Ishq Bina" was for Taal; what "Tere Bina" was for Guru. A brilliant track which redefines Rehman's ability to bring together creativity and melody. Javed Ali and Rekha Bhardwaj are simply brilliant in this highly demanding composition. Without any doubt, the best track to come out of Rehman in years. I know that i'll keep on loving this track for years to come.

2. "Beera": short and situational, yet highly creative and catchy; this has to be the best "character introduction" track ever. The crazy innovation of sounds and effects is only what Rehman can do with such finnesse.

3. "Khili Re" : I know this will remain the least favorite in the album for critics and a lot of ppl, but for me, this track works big-time. over the years, i've grown to love the female solos by Rehman; starting right from the amazing "choti si aasha" and coming all the way to "kabhi naram naram kabhi sakht sakht" of Yuva. Reena Bhardvaaj, with her soulful rendition, does manage to elevate this track to higher levels, pretty much at par with her "yeh rishta kya kehlata hey" from Meenaxi. Love the simplicity and depth of the semi-classical instruments and beutiful singing.

4. "Thok De Killi" : A.R.Rehman's creativity at its best in this ennergatic track, infused with Sukhwinder's spirited singing. The musical arrangements and the innovative sounds are mind-blowing. Love the unorthodox lyrics of Gulzar Sb.

5. "Behne De": with quite a significant hang-over from the title track of "Dil Se", this track might not sound very catchy at the very outset, but as you listen to it a few times, you'll start loving the melody and the amazing lyrics by Gulzar. Karthik's singing is the highlight here.

6: "Kata Kata": This is not a lesser track by any means, and I know that this might turn out to have the maximum impact in the movie. I can visulaise the grand picturization of this situational track. But being totally situational, the track has to come at the bottom of the list for me. Reviving the "Rukmani" mood, this track has some amazing musical arrangements in form of Dholak and claps. Anxious to see it on the screen.

A.R. Rehman, Gulzar and Mani Ratnam, have prepared yet another treat for us in the form of this sound track. Continuing the amazing track record of path-breaking music, I will rank Raavan as third best among the tracks coming from this team, with "Dil se" and "Roja" being the top two. A soundtrack to cherish for times to come. Listen if for 3 or 4 times and it will become infectious for you.