4 Very Good


EXPECTATIONS - Music Maestro A.R. Rahman After A Long Period, so expectations were very high. The first teaser had shown the music release date, so fingers were crossed till then. The famous Mani Ratnam-A.R>rahman Jodi which gave us blockbuster music albums like "Guru", "Dil Se" & "Bombay" are composing Music for "Raavan" now and as the film is a bit hatke genred, the music should be hatke as well. We have Heard "Beera" and liked it very much. Now let's see the rest.


1.BEERA - Perfect Theme Song For Raavan Himself. The word describe about Raavan's physic and his characteristics like "Beera ke dus maathe, Beera ke Sau Daant" & "Chere jo Beera Ko, Dama Dam Dam Dam". Musics in the middle of the song are very different and Rahman Sir Style. Vijay Prakash, Mustafa Kutaone have sung this song very well and the composition is fantastic. Additional Vocals by Keerthi sagathia are also to be noticed. Allover, this song is a blaster.

2.BEHENE DE - Behka Boy Karthik in anticipation with Mohamed Irfan takes over this track smoothly and trully saying that this ong is beautified by Gulzar sir's lyrics. "Behene De Mujhe Behene De" Part reminds us about "Satrangi" from the movie "Dil Se". Allover, its a good track and recommended.

3.THOK DE KILLI - Award Winning "Jai Ho" Singer Sukhwinder Singh & Am'nico sing together another revolutionary track by A.R Rahman & Why am I saying this song Revolutionary, everyone will understand after listening the lyrics. But the composition is partly similar to "Hey Kaala Bandar" from The Movie "Delhi 6". Sukhwinder Singh's awesome singing to the music and mesmerising lyrics by Gulzar Sir combined "THOK DE KILLI" is a very powerful track and strictly recommended.

4.RANJHA RANJHA - Famous GENDA PHOOL singer Rekha Bhardwaj & Javed Ali come together for this Socialism themed Romantic Number. The Part "Patti Paati Jhar Jaaye Par Khusboo Chup Na Hoye" is the best part of lyrics in the whole song. Javed Ali mesmerises us by his mild singing and Rekha Bhardwaj carries out the female part as well. The Lyrics describe on how Social Awareness takes part on Romance. Reaaly, Hail Gulzar Sir's Lyrics!

5.KHILI RE - A Sweet & Mild Track By Reena Bhardwaj, which creates a cool atomsphere. Very well Composition by Rahman Sir & Cute Lyrics by Gulzar Sir are the songs creators. This track reminds us about "Yeh Haseen Waadiya". Recommended

6.KATA KATA - Finally comes a track which I can't recommend. Kunal Ganjawala, Ila Arun & Sapna Awasthi sing this track & The starting sounds nearly similar to "Azeem-O-Shaan Shehansha" but the track is not as good as that one.

VERDICT - 5 Tracks are excellent out of 6, this is indeed a very great score. When there's Rahman Sir, no need to think about the quality and that's proved again by RAAVAN. So, Mani-Rahman Magic Creates History Again & I'm sure this album's gonna Rock The Nation.


RATING - 4/5