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------------------SPOILERS ALERT--------------------

According to the review by Indiafm.com, that movie don't have any flaws however the climax of the movie is full of flaws. During the climax when Manoj Bajpae goes to get ranbir kapoor the security is standing and asking where is boss going but does not follow him,and when Ajay Devgan call the security and ask about Manoj to that Security people reply that they don't know where Manoj went and they also says that he is not picking up his phone. But when Ajay Devgan calls Manoj he picks up the phone. Ajay tells him to wait, because he is coming, but Ajay Devgan don't call the security back to tell them to come. Then when Ranbir Kapoor shoots Manoj Bajpae, Ajay Devgan is behind Ranbir but does not shoot him, even when Ajay car crahes and ranbir and Nana follows him Ajay throws the gun away and says let me save Manoj first. Nana did have a gun in his hand only Ranbir had and why the hell Ajay throws his gun and not shoot at Ranbir and Nana. These are all big blunders by Prakash Jha and we Indians are making this crappy political thriller hit and we ignore thrillers like Karthik Calling Karthik and Manorama Six Feet Under.