4.5 Excellent

An epic re written ………….. Rajneeti…………………..RULES
History always spoke of Mahabharata ,adapting it to Indian politics prakash jha
Has told the story with such ease that a common man can identify with it.
A political drama with romance ,action and blood is rajneeti..
Rajneeti will rule the box office for simple facts…
Prakash jha producer story writer and director os the ship with a huge ensemble of stars
Ranbhir kapoor ease at his grey shade of mature acting ,this star is here to stay longer than his father now..
Katrina kaif shows maturity and handles her different shades of role so fine that she would sure be nominated in the awards next year
Arjun rampal is like the wine in the film one of his best performance to date
Nana patekar normally loud plays the wise crook uncle and expresses brilliantly
Ajay devgan yet again porves that he is simply the best
Nasseruddin shah makes his presence felt in his small role ,but was wasted
The icing on the cake is manoj bajpai here is an actor who deserves clap each time he
Says his dialogues
For audiences who want to educate them selves on Indian politics must experience this film
With so much of twist n turns ,this fast paced movies keeps one engrossed all thru out
Its like a game of chess very very strong and must say after ages bollywood multi starer
Had people enjoy every bit…
The entire bollywood loving it , the crtics finding hard to find flaws and giving the film the best words,i give it 4 stars………………..
After kites not flying high ,not much company for badmaash company ,this film will sure be a houseful for a long time…..
Go enjoy and learn Indian poltics as well….….