3.5 Very Good


EXPECTATIONS - After delivering a soul-touche song "Mora Piya", Raajneeti was eagerly expected by every citizen in INDIA. Finally, it comes out and WHOA! It's Damn Good. This Political Season, Raajneeti music cd's will create fire for sure. The most fascinating fact is that this album consists of 4 tracks which are different from each other. One is Romantic, One's Peppy, One's Sad and One's patriotic.

1.MORA PIYA - The First telecasted track which is very beautiful in its flavour. Classically sung & Composed By Aadesh Shrivastava and supported by Shashi with co-operation by Rosalie Nicholson(English Vocals) "Mora Piya" is very delicate to ears and sensational for its lyrics by Sameer.

2.BHEEGI SI BHAAGI SI - Mohit Chauhan & Antara Mitra take over this beautiful romantic track composed excellently by Pritam and lyricised by Irshad Kamil. Continuing Female Vocal creates charm but the sudden appearance of male Vocal in the song " Aa Aa Ha, Gulaabi Si Subha...." is the most strong part in the song. Great work by Synthesizer & Beats make this song very wonderful.

3.ISHQ BARSE - This one's a peppy track where beats behind vocals make this song listenable. A new singer comes here named Hamsika Iyer, who can be the next big thing to watch out. Supported By Pronob Biswas & The Lyricist Swanand Kirkire himself, Hamsika controls the track very well. Composer Swanand Kirkire has delivered many tracks like this in past but this one fails to create any mark except Hamsika sings well.

4.DHAN DHAN DHARTI - Awesome & The Most Powerful Track of the album & as Patriotic in its genre, its awesomely lyricised by Gulzar Sir. Wayne Sharpe has composed very good as a patrotic song. The same song is sung by Shankar Mahadevan & Sonu Nigam in different two parts. For the powerful lyrics and great composition, the song sounds like "Vande Mataram". greatly recommended.

There Are Also 3 Remixes which are followed by -

1.Mora Piya Mo Se Bolat Naahin (Trance Mix)
2.Ishq Barse (The Bombay Bounce Club Mix)
3.Mora Piya (Twilight Mix)

VERDICT - Raajneeti is a must buy cause it lightens our heart by wonderful compositions and its Short & Straight.

RECOMMENDED - Dhan Dhan Dharti(Both Versions), Mora Piya, Bheegi Si Bhaagi Si