3.5 Very Good

Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2

LoL the majority of average rating is coming from the feminist side i assume :D

Well definitely the movie will give you a burst of laughter if you're a male and we were expecting exactly the same, the movie live to the hype of the PKPN1. In beginning i wasn't expecting it to stand any where near to its prequel but i'm glad that i was wrong.

Though Thakur couldn't gel up as a replacement for Chaudhary, i personally feel the boys cast should be the same... missed the bonding of Rajjo, Liquid and Chaudhary but Chouka takes that place as a nice replacement package. Its a story that revolves around women's 1. the money minded.. 2. the best friend conscious.. and 3. girl concerned with family... the movie scenes were well shot and Anshul/Gogo monologue is longer, better and epic.

I will agree to the fact that First half is more fun and dominant over the second but the story ends really well Talking to their mothers;)

Don't listen to any1, if u r a fan of first PKPN you will definitely enjoy this movie without any disappointment, cheers!!