3 Good

Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2

Story is conceived by Director himself and he is also co written screenplay but it seems that he had directed the film in half sleep. Not a single shot is impressive. Story is totally confusing. Screenplay enhances this confusion. Whenever they want, they jump to song or random scenes. Dialogues are OK but fade up with repeating 'Chu...' word with all male characters, like it was only word to express their irritation. Surprising film is 'A' certified but again full of beeps. Even 'Gangs of Wasseypur' came without beep, then how anyone can impose beep in this childish foul language in compression of dictionary of slangs in 'Gangs'. Beeps irritate. You can't relate with any of characters. All are exaggerated. Without any reason father opposes daughter marriage with a boy? How and why? A girl can doubt her male partner but don't mind sleeping her male best friend in a bed!? Is she mentally challenged? First part background was interesting and fresh but this part have irritating score. Look of film is very good. Every frame looks beautiful. Credit goes to cinematographer #SudhirK.Choudhary . Monologue of this film shows that how much they have gotten carried away with their appreciated work in first part. This monologue is lengthy too and have some interesting punches but bores due to rush and meaningless performance. Actor was in so hurry that he was not acting but participating in some 100 meter race. This film deliberately tries to cash all good things of first part but fails badly. First half is slow and second half in unbearable. I like taking of few scenes, like all three couples come in frame one after another, while saying their point of view. Long scene of mall, where couple is talking and moving on escalator. Basically steady cam work is very good. Performance wise Kartik Aryan as Gogo and Omkar Kapoor as Thakur are OK. #SunnySingh as Siddharth is impressive. He looks good and acts perfectly according to character and scenes requirement. Sonali Sehgal as Supriya and Ishita Sharma as Kusum are good. Nushrat Bharucha as Ruchika alias Chiku is below average. Music is peppy.