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Pyaar Ishq Aur Mohabbat Movie Review

Pyaar Ishq Aur Mohabbat Movie Rating

Trimurti Films P. Ltd.'s PYAAR ISHQ AUR MOHABBAT, directed by Rajiv Rai, is, to an extent, inspired by the Cameron Diaz-Matt Dillon-Ben Stiller starrer THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY.

Yash Sabharwal (Sunil Shetty), a billionaire, is smitten by the lovely Isha Nair (Kirti Reddy), a medical student. Yash gives her a scholarship for further studies in Scotland.

In Scotland, Taj Bharadwaj (Aftab Shivdasani) falls head-over-heels for Isha. Taj is a perfect gentleman; always ready to lend his shoulder to a damsel in distress. But there's a problem ? Isha treats him as a mere friend. Nothing more!

Enters Gaurav (Arjun Rampal), a model, who enjoys playing the most dangerous game of all ? the game of love. He has an ability to cast a spell on any woman. He takes on the challenge to win and then break a girl's heart. The girl? Isha.

What happens next?

Going by his track record, Rajiv Rai's name has been associated with some of the most entertaining flicks, but he seems to be off target this time with PYAAR ISHQ AUR MOHABBAT. For, the film, a love story, neither strikes a chord, nor does it have moments that are etched on your mind or that can be cherished.

The basic premise ? three guys falling head-over-heels for one girl ? is interesting, but the film stands on two shaky pillars ? a loose screenplay and mediocre music.

Actually, the film goes topsy-turvy in the initial reels itself, when Sunil Shetty offers Arjun Rampal Rs. 10 crores to woo Kirti Reddy on his behalf. Though well treated, it is too frivolous a thought for the common man to equate.

The film has its share of engaging moments in the first half. One such sequence is when Kirti plants a kiss on Arjun's lips on his birthday. But sequences like these are far too less to elevate the proceedings. Unfortunately, the second half does precious little to help enhance the state of affairs.

Director Rajiv Rai tries hard to justify all the three love stories, but the outcome gets tedious and confusing at times. Moreover, the climax is an absolute letdown. It is palatable till Dalip Tahil confronts Arjun Rampal and humiliates him in front of the august gathering, but the way the three love stories are culminated in the end appears slapdash.

Directorally, the film lacks the fizz associated with Rajiv Rai's flicks. The film has a rich look throughout, but no soul to captivate the audience. As a writer, he is not in his element either. The love story has too many holes and is far from convincing towards the latter reels. In a nutshell, it appears that the film is targeted at the NRI audience mainly!

Another drawback of the film is its music. The Rajiv Rai-Viju Shah combo had come up with numbers that stayed with you even after the show ended. Not this time! Barring the title track, the music is just about okay.

Cinematography is breath-takingly beautiful and the locales of Scotland and Swizerland are well canned.

PYAAR ISHQ AUR MOHABBAT is a showcase for Arjun Rampal to exhibit his talent. The guy looks dashing and emotes with utmost sincerity. He's handled the emotional moments with maturity, which is so rare for a first-timer. A confident debut!

Sunil Shetty is subdued, while Aftab Shivdasani has an edge thanks to his lovable characterisation. He is natural. Kirti Reddy looks nice, but comes across more as a mannequin. As far as acting is concerned, she's yet to learn the skill.

Monica Bedi impresses. Isha Koppikar's characterisation is half-baked. Harish Patel and Dalip Tahil stand out in the horde of character artistes.

On the whole, PYAAR ISHQ AUR MOHABBAT is too weak a film to leave any impression whatsoever. Disappointing.

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