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I remember when I was a kid, we used to play a silly game. We used to cut a piece of soap in the shape of a butter scotch toffee and used to wrap it up in the brand new wraper of a branded sweet. We used to play pranks on each other with this manipulated tool.

The makers of "Prince - its showtime" play the same prank with the viewers. They have cut a piece of cheap soap and have wrapped it up in the glossy wrapper of sleek action and some ooomphy skin show. But just like our childhood prank, the packaging looks very beautiful, but when you try to go a little deep; when you try to eat the contents of the wrapper, oooopss, you are left with a bad taste.

Only if the makers had given "script", "Screenplay" and "dialogues" half the importance that they have given to the action sequences, this film would've been a wonderful cinematic experience. but unfortunately, what we get in the end is a glossy product which has substandard ingredients in it. The dialogues are pathetic, the screenplay has holes as big as the over-stretched budget of the movie and the performances are severely mechanical.

The only performance to deserve a little bit meniotn is of Vivek Oberoi. But he too suffers a severe absence of solid dialogues and fals flat due to the faulty script.

To give the credit where its due, the action sequences are amazingly choregraphed and executed. The cinematography is breath-taking and the production values a slick.

But this is not good enough to compensate this action-cum-scifi-cum-adventure flick, which unintentionally became the cause of lowd rounds of laughter in the theatre where I was watching the movie. People were literally making fun of the crazy situations. The story is most proabably the most undeveloped story for such visually strong film.

the makers of race have tried to come up with yet another spnie-chilling thriller...but Race was what it was not only due to the slick aciton, but it shined with a wonderful script and smooth execution. There were loopholes in that movie too, but they were told so convincingly that no one felt bad about. But this is exactly where this "Prince" has faltered.

the music might be a hit but there is not much lastability in the tunes. The girls are hot but their acting skills are FROZEN !!!

Overall, go for this only if you can handle any sort of illogical and childish script just because of high quality action. Otherwise, this might make you regret to spend your bucks.

For Vivek Oberoi fans...I would rather recommend you to view Company or Shoot out at Lokhandwala at a home theatre instead of watching this Prince, trying to prove that it is showtime for him...Sorry Mr. Prince ... but your show lacks the power to charm many.