1.5 Average


This movie is total BAKWAAS with no sense at all. If You have an IQ of a Baby then better watch it. Babys' also have better IQ these days, I think they would also reject it. The movie is made for old Single Screen Audience which can sit in the STALLs and Just Whistle without any Sense and Strictly not for "MULTIPLEX" audience. The Comic sense of both Govinda and David has not Grown with time, poor Salman got stuck in between them . The girls are mere Showpieces with very few dialogues.The Little bit Action which is there in the movie is just STUFFED for no good reason. Very few pure and original Comic Scences, and I would lke to request the multiplex owners to atleast screen such movies in lesser screens and give some time to other meaningful movies.
How can people watch movie by leaving there brains at home!!!(As David always says). A strict no from my side for people who like some GENUINE entertainment and not STUPIDITY!!! I wasted my 100 bucks and I hope You wont. Better watch it on Video atleast u'll save some money.