4.5 Excellent

Om Shanti Om

Taran is biased and he knows it , what I guess he doesnot know is such acts often kill the credibility earned over years of hrad ork what I think he should ask him self is is it worth it
The question then arises why the double standard by taran?
Is it because oso is a media partner with indiafm………..…mmmmmmmm
this is what he says about OSO
"Wait, a word of advice to all netizens/readers across the globe. Don't, for God's sake don't, raise exclamations like kab?, kyun? kahan? as OM SHANTI OM begins to unravel."
ok thats good, nothing devious there however when you read the review for Saawariya you read to your suprise
SAAWARIYA suffers because of its writing mainly. Let's unravel the points that bother the viewer no end…

Which part of the country is this straight-out-of-a-fairytale town located? And what era are we talking of?

Even if you subscribe to the theory that it was love at first sight for Salman and Sonam, what is it that keeps their romance going?
Why does Salman disappear suddenly? Besides his name, the girl knows nothing about him. Not his home/native place, work/profession/work place, relatives, nothing absolutely. It's like falling in love with a shadow, isn't it?

Why does Rani Mukerji abandon Ranbir, when he comes knocking on her doors and admits that he wants to spend time with her? Why does she lose her temper, although she secretly loves him? (Please can you even hear yourself , you are a HINDI movie critic get used to things)

Now what i cant understand is does the critic not see that he is biased or does he not want to see! that my friend is the question?
it is very easy to write reviews about mindless glue sniffed productions (yash raj movies post ddlj ) but when intellect comes to pass i am sure anyone can see it gets tough
now unless taran wants people to go about saying that oso had paid heavily for such a review, i strongly suggest that in the future he be appreciative on intellect and critical of arrogance.
Over all oso is paisa wasool
Saawariya tends to drag