1.5 Average

Om Shanti Om

Wow, if this is what Indian cinema has become, I want to quit bollywood. What a blunder of a movie, Farah Khan is better off choreographing because direction is not her thing. Maybe she should learn something about direction from her own husband.
If I meet Shahrukh or Farah, I am going to ask for my 10 dollars back and 3 hours of my wasted time.
Technically, the movie was really good in the beginning, when they included Mr.Sunil Dutt and the other actors to work with Deepika (who was the only good thing about the movie) but as the movie went by it started becoming so annoying at one point, that I wanted to throw my shoe at the screen.
It is not like movie didnt have any substance, the sets were good, the whole 70s background was good but when you're watching a movie, all it comes down to is THE STORY, and unfortunately OSO didnt have any.

Shahrukh Khan-this is not one of his better performances, lot of overacting(which is usual for shahrukh khan) but in this movie, he took it limits.

Deepika Padukone-Attractive, really gr8 acting. Didnt look like it was her first movie.

Arjun Rampal- 3.5/5 for acting

Shreyas Talpade- Like always, he did his role to the core. he gets better and better with every movie.

Kiron Kher- Always good(she was really good in the scene where she plays that creepy old lady)