2 Average

Om Shanti Om

First of all, being a Shah Rukh Fan, I was having lots of expectations from this movie. Not only because I am a fan of Shah Rukh but also because it has a Farah Khan on the Director's Seat, Shah Rukh as a Lead role. And most importantly, I read the review of Mr. Taran who gave it FOUR (4) stars rating, I thought it would be a great movie to watch. But all gone wasted when the lights got off and screen displayed the reels of OM SHANTI OM. Actually the movie does not live up to my expectations. Everything was looking over, over and over; be it performances, songs picturisations, screenplay, script or dialogues. Atleast I was not expecting such movie from this group. Except few sequences, dialogues and two songs AANKHO MEIN TERI and AGAR MAIN KAHOON was brilliantly picturised and was way better than others. Shah Rukh was looking too much over, he has performed his role very overly; too much over acting specially in the second half as OM KAPOOR (O.K). Deepika was fine on the whole, being debutant, she was best. Arjun Rampal was just about okay. Kirron Kher was not so good. After interval, almost everything, every scene was perdictable and might be that was a big reason it did not entertained, a big reason for its drawback. On the whole, I am not that happy to watch OM SHANTI OM. I was expecting a lot of more from Farah and Shah Rukh, but unfortunatly they did not lived up to my expectations.