4.5 Excellent

My Name Is Khan


Controversies,arguments,protests…please give way for a genius none other than the Baadshah SRK,our best story teller Karan Johar and a glowing actress Kajol.Set all your apprehensions about the movie aside and go out to the cinema hall for an enigmatic saga made with such sincerity,innocence and intensity like never before.Experience an acting prowess like none.Enthrall your senses,Ready your tissues to pour your heart out to probably the best take on humanity,religion and the basic essence of it.None of the movies except for 3 Idiots,Taare Zameen Par invoked such true heart felt emotions in me.Its a journey with a passion,brilliance,striving for excellence and ultimately reaching it.

The ride begins in India when the nation was united like never before.Tragedy strikes when riots break out in 1983 destroying India communally.Rizwaan is a child affected by autism.He’s still very attached to his mom and follows whatever he tells.He was always the one to be ridiculed at school.Despite all these,he’s an intelligent child who could “repair almost everything”. One day,she tells the world has no religions but is divided on only whether he/she is good or bad.That’s it.Nothing more or less.He has a brother Zakir who feels quite neglected with the attention going more towards Rizwaan.The scene a few moments later shifts to San Francisco where his brother lives.New life,culture makes him take time to settle in there.He works for his brother’s company and in the process meets Mandira who takes him by a storm with her charm.She too is bamboozled with his new take on life and happiness.They have a great time spending delightful moments with each other.But Mandira has a different side of life too.She has a son.She was married at quite a young age of 17 and got betrayed by her irresponsible husband.That's past though,now she’s living a life of pride and satisfaction.An addition of Rizwaan would only make life more enchanting for her.So both decided to tie the knot and move on to a new house with new hopes,ambitions for their future.Suddenly a shock.World Trade Center in ashes.Twin towers no more.Nation in complete tantrums.Just like how B.C and A.D existed ,there started another era of 9/11 to put the issue of Islam as the central cause for destruction and havoc.Every Muslim being suspected,tortured.Where had humanity gone suddenly?Where had religion started as a root cause for destruction?These very basic things affected Rizwaan and Mandira in their life thereafter.They are shook by an unfortunate incident changing their lives forever.This forces Mandira to break out of her relationship with Rizwaan.The latter was mentally devastated by the untold incidents happening in the country and his life.He was desperate to prove a point out to the world and who better than a President of his country to convey his anguish.He is determined and capable and moreover he has god with him,then why fear?He began his journey with an untold confidence,child like innocence and a wide heart.He crosses every hurdle he comes on his way and come what may,no one can stop him from reaching his destination.He ultimately does it and wins back his love teaching the whole nation the power of goodness and humanity in life.

The movie is no more than a fable with a noble intention of conveying in what way can true love,passion and determination can do making us stand tall and accept any shortcomings.The path taken by Karan Johar to tell his story is a risky one but he pulls it off with aplomb.Never he allows the drama to slip off the balance.He takes giant strides as a story teller with MNIK ,proving he can handle stories much beyond romance,family dramas.Its a craft that he’s only gifted with and he’s mastered it with MNIK.Kudos to KJ.He makes you drool into Rizwaan’s character in the first half and empathise with him.The 2nd half especially is a lot moving and special with the climax being the sure highlight.We’ll fall short of words for describing SRK’s finest performance over 2 decades.He’s breath taking and surprises you in every way in almost every shot possible.He instills soul into the character of Rizwaan and suits the role to perfection.His charm,honesty,involvement in this performance is unquestionable.He shakes every bit of your heart with a sincere and a yet heart warming effort.Kajol fits the bill perfectly.She looked effervescent with the able company of SRK making us feel that DDLJ,KKHH,K3G were just yesterday.She matches SRK scene by scene,dialogue by dialogue.She’s simply at her very best.Charming,comfortable and endearing.The music and the back ground deserve a special praise for its subtleness.Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy’s compositions strike a chord immediately with the audiences and keep the soul of the movie afloat.Its such a remarkable thing that the music never dominates but stays with you throughout and after the film.Shibhani Bhathija has pinched in a balanced story and an intriguing screenplay with enough scope for entertainment.Its a wonderful take on human emotions,relationships and how delicate are they.Dialogues are easily the high point of the movie.In a movie as sensitive as this,lack of proper dialogue could have shattered the entire purpose.Niranjan Iyengar with Shibhani Bhathija provide thoughtful and catchy dialogues.Dialogues such as “Namaz jagah se nahin niyat se pada jata hai” fill your heart with tears..The cinematographer has captured US wonderfully like never before and gives in wonderful pictures to behold.The supporting actors such as Jimmy Shergill,Neena,the child of SRK add substance to an already rock solid movie.The movie unlike Kurbaan,New York doesn’t step into the terrorism angle but it starts going much beyond what the former conveyed.The characterisation and the simplicity depicted is exemplary.It simply is a Hindi film industry’s answer to Hollywood.I would rate it to the level of Oscars.Indian film makers are coming of age and i hope the audiences too surely will and accept this treat.The 8 year wait to see the golden trio in action together is truly worthy and justified.

Overall the movie is outstanding,be it any department.Its a collective effort and it shows.Brilliance is simply one term which can define the movie.This movie will keep Islam in good light and the kind message it spreads.This is a welcome change to the Indian audiences who experienced many pointless duds in 2009.Wait no more for me tell anything about MNIK,instead get moving to the theaters and you’ll be more than satisfied to spend the best 2:40 minutes of your day.Looking for a few more like these from SRK,Karan,Kajol and a better 2010 for the Industry….