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Mujhe Meri Biwi Se Bachaao Movie Review

Mujhe Meri Biwi Se Bachaao Movie Rating

Prakash Mehra Pictures P. Ltd.'s MUJHE MERI BIWI SE BACHAAO, directed by Harry Baweja, tells the story of Kamini (Rekha) and her unfaithful husband Anand (Naseeruddin Shah), who after seven years of marriage, is wanting a change from his obese wife.

Kamini has inherited a vast business empire, including a chain of hotels. Anand, who has his eyes on Kamini's property and wealth, is disappointed and angry with his father-in-law for having bequeathed all the business assets to Kamini.

As a person, Anand is a flirt and spendthrift. To make matters worse, Kamini's behavior and her huge size makes Anand dislike her all the more. He has, for his company in the palatial house, a servant called Natwar (Mushtaq Khan), who acts as his Man Friday.

Anand chances upon Vijay (Mukul Dev) and Anu, who have ambitions of making it big in the smallest possible time. In the meanwhile, Anand falls head over heals for Anu (Suman Ranganathan) and even starts purchasing expensive jewellery for her with the help of Kamini's accountant Wakaria (Suresh Chatwal).

On the other hand, Vijay and Anu, to gain Anand's confidence, urge him to kill Kamini and thereby attain her immense wealth. What happens next?

A poor adaptation of RUTHLESS PEOPLE, MUJHE MERI BIWI SE BACHAAO is an absolute letdown from two talented people ? producer Prakash Mehra and director Harry Baweja. That's all the more surprising, since Mehra has been associated with several first-rate entertainers.

The film wears an outdated look, which is its biggest drawback. Also, unfortunately, the storytelling is old-fashioned, lacklustre and lacks the power to keep the viewer transfixed.

The comedy scenes are anything but funny and the drama, least exciting. The screenplay does precious little to elevate the goings-on, for it relies too heavily on the tried and tested stuff. Frankly, there is not one scene in the film that you recall after the show has ended.

Director Harry Baweja's choice of the script is perfect, but his interpretation is deficient. The film is meant to be an entertainer that stresses on humour, but it goes overboard at most times and the certain portions look too frivolous.

Rajesh Roshan's music does precious little to resuscitate this enterprise, although a few songs are well picturised. Dialogues are okay, but pedestrian at times. Cinematography is passable.

It's heartbreaking to observe the artistes of the calibre of Rekha and Naseeruddin Shah hamming outrageously. Rekha is not in her element. She tries hard to be funny, but alas, she falls flat. Naseer is loud as well. Both Arshad Warsi and Mukul Dev fill the bill. Suman Ranganathan oozes sex appeal. Priyanka Trivedi looks decent, but needs to polish her acting skills.

On the whole, MUJHE MERI BIWI SE BACHAAO is too weak a film to sustain at the box-office. Its dull opening and lack of publicity will add to the woes of its distributors.

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