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Mujhe Kucch Kehna Hai Movie Review

Mujhe Kucch Kehna Hai Movie Rating

Puja Films International?s MUJHE KUCCH KEHNA HAI, a remake of the Telugu hit THOLI PREMA, tells the story of a young boy who falls head over heels in love with a beautiful girl when he sees her for the first time, but is unable to express his love for her. The girl, who has come to India from the U.S. to pursue her research on Indian culture, decides to seek his autograph as part of her Indian memoirs when she watches him rescue a child from falling off a bike. She, however, fails to get across to him.

The two get to know each other when she spots him while his car has broken down on the way to Simla. The boy begins to get the feeling that his mission of meeting the girl and revealing his love for her will soon be fulfilled. The car, however, runs into an accident and plunges into a valley, but the boy manages to save the girl from falling, at the cost of injuring himself.

The girl, who is anxious about the boy?s plight, manages to trace him and his family and meets him. The two become the thickest of friends, but the boy is apprehensive about disclosing his feelings. The only moment he summons up the courage to disclose his love is when he wishes her a happy birthday by writing her name with his blood. But the shocked girl becomes repulsive after seeing the message. The girl, who has the sole ambition of seeing her project completed, is thrilled when she gets an admission to Harvard University and decides to return to the U.S.

The boy is heart broken, but decides against disclosing his love. In the end, it is the girl who admits her love for him, just before she is to depart to the U.S.

The title of the film suggests that it is a love story but it is not the usual love story where the couple unites after fighting against all odds. Instead, the girl and boy admit their love for each other in the last scene of the film, when they propose to each other. The story idea is, no doubt, novel and one would expect the excitement to build up gradually, waiting for the boy to confess his feelings for the girl. But there is not enough excitement to keep the curiosity going.

The film gives the indication of being a youthful film in the initial stages (the college campus scenes). The take-off on the Hrithik mania, where the hero?s friend named Hrithik is in love with a girl, is entertaining. The screenplay starts building up soon after the hero falls in love with the heroine at first sight. The pace builds up quite steadily in the first half as the hero chases the heroine. Even the scenes of interaction between the boy and his supportive and affectionate tau (Amrish Puri) and his strict father (Dalip Tahil) are quite interesting.

The anticipation builds up just before the interval when the boy and the girl meet with an accident. One would've expected the boy to promptly confess his feelings for the girl in the second half, after he takes his tau, sister and friends into confidence. But the decision stretches for far too long. Besides, there are hardly any scenes where the boy indicates his feelings towards the girl.

The film inches towards the climax, which one expects to be fairly bold and dramatic, but the climax falls flat, when the girl unexpectedly confesses her love for the boy without much of a drama. The Indian audiences may probably not be ready for this kind of a climax. A lot of things are also unexplained, as to why Kareena Kapoor becomes repulsive after she sees Tusshar?s birthday card written in blood. Also, the reason, where his sister decides to get married to a middle-aged doctor, because he adores her, does not seem quite convincing.

But despite some major flaws, the film has its share of assets, one of them being the melodious musical score (Anu Malik). Among the three songs which deserve a special mention are ?Dupatta? (excellently choreographed by Ahmed Khan), ?Rabba Mere Rabba? and ?Maine Koi Jadoo Nahin Kiya?. The best of the lot is the title song, which has been rendered excellently by Kay Kay. However, it has been wrongly placed in the film.

Now the million dollar question about the launching of Jeetendra?s son, Tusshar. There has been a lot of speculation about his unconventional looks and his acting potential. However, despite the fact that he has the boy-next-door looks, it is in the acting department that he really scores. He excels in the emotional scenes as well as the action scenes and dances. There is no doubt that he holds a lot of promise.

This is Kareena?s second release and she more than lives up to her reputation of being an excellent actress. Unfortunately, she does not have an intense role that would've enabled her to prove her acting abilities. Nevertheless, she is excellent in all the dances in the film. Amrish Puri is lovable in the role of the tau.

Rinkie Khanna is louder than ever and does not have much to do. Dalip Tahil is okay in the role of the father. Alok Nath and Himani Shivpuri are as usual. Among Tusshar?s friends, Vrijesh Hirjee is quite effective.

Directorially, Satish Kaushik succeeds in arousing the audiences? sympathy towards the young boy in quite a few touching sequences in the film. He also succeeds in extracting excellent performances from both Tusshar and Kareena. However, as said earlier, the film tends to drag in its final scenes, which is a big flaw. Cinematography (Johny Lal) is impressive in patches.

On the whole, MUJHE KUCCH KEHNA HAI has opened to a great response, thanks to the curiosity value and the way it has been promoted by its producer (Vashu Bhagnani). The hit musical score and able performances are two pillars the film stands on, but a not-too-strong second half dilutes the overall impact. At best, it is an average fare and long run is ruled out.

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