4 Very Good

MP3 is Robby Garewal first directorial venture which features Ruslan Mumtaaz and Hazel as a newly fresh lead. What the film is about?
It’s a very fresh story with teenage love. In bollywood, we have seen very less of such film. The story has a soul with the perfect screenplay, it a worthy watch.
Rohan is a student in India, who is naughty, sporty and average student. He is happy in life as his friends from his group. As he came from a rich family, everything was fine for him. Aisha whose come from london met with Rohan in his school. The two comes near and falls in love. But the misunderstanding creat problems, as Aaisha is going to Paris for one month. And Rohan flies to Paris for that he an meet Aaisha.
The first part very entertaining with school teenage love, and second part highly promising. The second part is the best in the film. Some scenes are tremendous too.
When Rohan miss the Aaisha at Airport before she leaves to paris.
His Plan to go to Paris, by theifing his father credit card,
When he caught at Indian Embassy, he run away from the embassy.
Aaisha run away from home to arrive to Eiffle, they missed at metro station.
The last scene in Eifle which is truly romantique.
Bobby Garewal direction has no doubt. The screenplay, script is perfect which hold you till the end. All the sequences in the second half are well planned. Music is another plus point for the film. Mp3, Kaun Hu mai are the best to hear.
Ruslaan is highly competent and he has potential to be a great actor. His confident level is outstanding too. Hazel is preety and she look nice with ruslaan on screen. Ruslaan friends are sincere on the screen, while Tony and Pammi deliver a fabulous scenes which are very funny. All other actors are nice too.
On the whole, Mera Phela Phela Pyar is an outstanding cute film in all respect. Its screenplay is the highlight of the film as well as its story. It a worthy watch with outstanding cinematography. Thumb Up!