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Mazaa Mazaa Movie Review

Mazaa Mazaa Movie Rating

MAZAA MAZAA, as the title suggests, is more titillation than a fairytale.

MAZAA MAZAA revolves around a 15-year-old girl Jassi, who feels that she's not good looking or happening. She always complains of being young and not able to do things that are being done by her elder friends, like going to discos, wearing flashy clothes and looking beautiful.

Monica, her rival in school, is modern in her outlook and can make things happen her way. Jassi's only sympathizer is her fat, ever-loving friend Rocky.

Due to some unusual circumstances, Jassi's dream of growing big and beautiful comes true and along with her friend Rocky and rival Monica becomes 25 overnight. How the 15-year-old Jassi, with a physical figure of 25, faces world at large forms the crux of the story.

Writer-director T.L.V. Prasad has chosen a fairytale-like story [on the lines of a popular TV serial JASSI JAISI KOI NAHIN] and transformed it into a film that has ample room for skin show and titillation. The film caters to the masses and it's evident all through. Music [Arun Daga] is functional.

Payal Rohatgi does her glamorous part with ease. Shivani exposes her anatomy without any inhibitions. Farid Amiri is alright. Vishwajeet Pradhan, Pankaj Berry and Tej Sapru fill the bill.

On the whole, MAZAA MAZAA caters to that segment of moviegoers that enjoy skin show and titillation.

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